Until October 2021, State Revenues in Papua Increases 4.03 Percent

goodmorningpapua.com – The Regional Office of the Directorate General of Treasury of Papua Province noted that state revenues in Papua had reached Rp. 8.60 trillion. This income is equivalent to 95.66 percent of the target of Rp. 8.99 trillion.

In general, state revenue in Papua grew by 4.03 percent annually [year on year] compared to last 2020 with the same period of Rp4.98 trillion.

“When compared to the realization of revenues in 2020 at the same time, which was Rp. 4.98 trillion, then tax revenues in 2021 will grow by 4.03 percent,” said a Head of the Regional Office of the Directorate General of Treasury of Papua Province, Burhani AS.

Burhani explained that the state revenues consisted of tax revenues of Rp. 8.13 trillion and PNBP of Rp. 476.58 billion. Tax revenues reached 94.53 percent of the target set at Rp. 8.60 trillion and PNBP reached 120.77 percent of the target set at Rp. 394.61 billion.

“By the end of the 2021 fiscal year, the realization of state revenues is estimated to reach Rp.9.38 trillion or 104.3 percent of the set target,” Burhani told reporters in Jayapura, Thursday, November 18, 2021.

Based on the data, the performance of tax revenues reached a realization of Rp. 5.18 trillion or around 67.92 percent of the 2021 target. This tax revenue consists of PPh, PPN and PPnBM, PBB (P3L), and other taxes from January to October 2021.

Then PPN and PPnBM with realized revenues of Rp. 1.18 trillion or 22.88 percent. For PBB (P3L) the realization of tax revenue is Rp. 978.5 billion or 18.87 percent.

Meanwhile, revenue from other taxes with the realization of revenues amounted to Rp. 46 billion or 0.89 percent. “When viewed from the business sector, the achievement of tax revenue performance in Papua Province from January to October 2021 is supported by 5 dominant business sectors,” said Burhani.

Those business sectors in question are mining and quarrying at 35.98 percent, construction at 21.26 percent, government administration and mandatory social security at 13.09 percent.

Wholesale and retail trade, repair and maintenance of cars and motorcycles 6.15 percent and financial services and insurance 5.88 percent with a total contribution of 82.34 percent.

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