United States and European Expats Extremely Love Papuan Arabica Coffee

goodmorningpapua.com – American and European expatriates in Sentani like Papuan Arabica Coffee, because it is organic and grown in an area that does not know the word pollution.

One of the coffee entrepreneurs, Hari Suroto, said that in general these expatriates work as small airplane pilots, aircraft technicians, international school teachers and social workers.

“These US and European expats like Papuan Arabica Coffee because it is organic, for them, Papuan Arabica Coffee is grown in areas that do not know the word of pollution,” he explained.

Hari said that to enjoy Papuan Arabica Coffee, a struggle was needed by transporting coffee beans from mountainous areas by small planes.

“These expats are understanding so much and have a lot of knowledge about the process of processing and brewing coffee because at their homes, they have small coffee roasting equipment, because the roasting results are only for their own families to enjoy,” he said.

The smiling man also said that expatriates also make Papuan Arabica coffee souvenirs when they return home to their country.

“There are also Japanese expatriates living in Bali, they also like Papuan Arabica Coffee, because in their view, Papuan Arabica coffee comes from exotic, tropical snowy areas and there are mummies,” he said.

“They order coffee in the form of roasted beans or powder, and also order through Instagram social media,” said Hari.

Hari added that Papuan Arabica coffee is processed after an order comes up, this is to maintain the quality of the coffee.

“The Arabica coffee-producing areas in Papua are mountainous areas starting from the Bintang Mountains which are directly adjacent to Papua New Guinea, the Baliem Valley, to the Kamuu Valley, Dogiyai,” Hari said in detail.

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