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Unique! The Story of American Strangers in Papua who don’t Want to Go Home

goodmorningpapua.com – Living in a foreign country is not an easy thing. Especially if you find differences in culture, race, ethnicity to language. However, this did not dampen the intention of this married couple from the United States.

With their family,they lives and settles in Kambuaya, Papua. They even said they would stay there until death. Launching from Rina Panimba’s YouTube account, see the following information review.

This married couple from the United States has successfully become the public spotlight. Who would have thought, this man named Daud was born and had lived in Papua, Indonesia. Now, he also lives in Kambuaya, Papua with his small family.

“If Mr. Daud was born here (Papua), right?,” asked Rina Panimba.

“Yes,” answered Daud.

“Mr. Daud’s parents who teach the community here (Papua) write,” said Rina.

“Yes, in my own language,” explained Mr. Daud.

“Mr. Daud’s parents, I’m sorry, are still alive?” Rina asked.

“They are still alive  over there, they are now in America. Sometimes they visit here (Papua). The Covid-19 makes it difficult for that (going to Indonesia),” said Daud.

“But they are ready to come,” he added.

“As far as we know, God called us to be here (Papua) as long as we live until we die,” he answered.

“But for the children, maybe when the children finish high school as soon as we bring them back to America. So they can go to college, but we immediately plan to return. Like maybe 1 and a half years in the future,” he continued.

“So, will everyone go to America in the next year and a half or  it is just Silas (Daud’s eldest son)?” Rina asked.

“We are a family, but Silas stays. The others are back (Papua),” he explained. “How long have you been here (Kambuaya Papua) with your mother?” Rina asked. “3 (years),” he answered.

However, this did not dampen the couple from the United States. With their family, they live and settle in Kambuaya, Papua.

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