Unique, Papuan Children Bring Big Woods to School for their Teachers

goodmorningpapua.com – A police officer shared a moment when Papuan children ware about to go to school, via his Tiktok account @agungpangestu.h on (6/4/2022).

In the video, it can be seen that the children are walking to school while carrying several large wooden stems.

When asked what they brought the woods for, they answered that they had brought them to give them to their teacher.

“If parents said that we were good with the teacher, surely the knowledge given by the teacher was easy for us to acquire,” wrote the caption on the video.

Then, the police officer who is usually called Bang Agung and one of his colleagues gave the children a snack or snack to accompany their trip to school.

As of Sunday (4/24/2022), the video has been liked by more than 100,000 users and has received various comments from netizens.

“Thank you very good brother. I hope you are always healthy and continue to be successful, brother,” wrote the account @Kang Adi.

“The KK is really sweet, it’s really good, hopefully it’s always in the protection of Allah SWT, sis, amen,” wrote the account @kinan123.

“Thank you good people, always healthy and given the sustenance that always flows,” wrote the account @Rizky R.

“Sturdy, role model, the police, in good health, good people, cheap fortune, so role models for other policemen,” wrote the account @julpanginting969.

“Good spirit, sir, to protect our country, hopefully this country can be led by a just leader and prosper its people,” wrote the account @dfs2202.

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