Uncen Academics: The Case of Lukas Enembe Generates a New Concept of Papuan Development

goodmorningpapua.com – An academic from Cenderawasih University (Uncen) Papua, Laus Deo Calvin Rumayom, said the case of Lukas Enembe and the cases of other regents in Papua must be handled specifically and carefully, considering they are in a community that has been traumatized by the experience of distrust of the state.

“So if there is a corruption case like this, we have to explain to the public, that this case has nothing to do with human rights violations, but this is purely a case of abuse of authority,” said Laus, Friday (7/10/2022).

The Head of Strategic Papua Analysis explained that if what was echoed, for example, forced summons, or narratives without a more specific explanation, the community would come to their own conclusions.

As a result, the Police will find it difficult to implement the KPK’s decision. The KPK must also explain what the problem is so that not able to arrest or detain Lukas Enembe, whether it is due to security issues or about insufficient evidence.

“The issue of the Governor of Papua is our common problem. We must not leave Father Lukas alone, we must not leave the Papuan Provincial Government alone, we must not allow the KPK to move on their own, the TNI-Polri to move on their own,” said Laus.

He saw that there were valuable lessons to be learned from this event, a case to generate a Papuan development concept with a new perspective, namely the anthropological approach, philosophical approach, participatory approach that we are involved together.

The experience of this case, he said, became a map of democracy in Papua in the future. The mistakes of the past 20 years must have been in the matrix or statistics.

“Where the lack is. This is what we take, we prepare for the next 20 years. It must not be repeated, for example preventing corruption, preventing human rights violations, preventing cultural conflicts and social conflicts, and so on”, said Lau.

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