Uncen Academics Suspect Human Rights Activists in Papua Revenge against Security Forces

goodmorningpapua.com – University of Cenderawasih Jayapura academic Marinus Yaung assessed that Human Rights activists in Papua were very discriminatory. In his view, Human Rights activists in Papua only speak when local residents are victims of violence or murder.

“When non-local residents or migrants become victims, they are silent and do not speak as if they are blind,” said Marinus Yaung when contacted in Jayapura, Saturday (16/4) morning.

Marinus gave a small example, namely when health workers, teachers, and motorcycle taxi drivers and even community support facilities became victims of the brutality of the Armed Criminal Group (KKB), the voices of Human Rights activists in Papua were not heard. “When someone’s right to life is taken away, Human Rights activists should stand in front, speak out and condemn the action, but what is in the fact? Shut up and not comment anything,” he said. Whereas, every citizen living in Papua has the same rights, not only local residents.

“Don’t compare whether or not he is a Papuan, the point is that every citizen living in Papua has the same rights,” he stressed. Marinus suspects that these discriminatory Human Rights activists have their own grudge against the security forces and the state so that their every action is very subjective.

“Remember that whatever our profession, including human rights defenders, if there is already a grudge, we cannot be objective in looking at the problem and this is a problem in Papua,” he explained.

Several months ago, health workers in the Gunung Bintang District in Papua became victims of murder and violence by the Armed Criminal Group. Human rights activists in Papua did not comment, even though the health workers are working to provide health services to local residents.

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