Typical Papuan Culinary Also Presented at ACF 2022

goodmorningpapua.com – Papuan culinary specialties, Papeda were also presented at the 2022 Aceh Culinary Festival (ACF) event which was held at Taman Ratu Safiatuddin, Banda Aceh.

Papeda is a food in the form of typical sago porridgel of Maluku and Papua which is usually served with tuna. At the ACF event, the cuisine was prepared by the Papuan student union in Aceh. Besides being able to taste it, visitors can also see first hand the process of making Papeda itself.

One of the Papuan students who process the food, Abel said, her party was requested by the ACF committee to participate by bringing local specialties.

“So, we make staple foods whose main content is sago, to be presented at this culinary event, besides that, we also serve tuna and other side dishes to eat with Papeda,” Said Abel, Sunday (7/8).

Abel said, to process Papeda, she and her friends had to buy sago from Papua. This is because the main ingredients for food processing are not available in Aceh. “So we bring the sago directly from Papua, because here we have checked the quality is not the same,” she said.

Habil also explained the procedure for making Papeda, starting from taking sago powder and then cooling it. Sago powder that you want to eat, must go through the cooking process first, namely by boiling it with hot water.

“After being stirred with hot water, the sago powder will be smooth and become Papeda which is ready to be eaten,” he said. Then Abel added that his party also received orders for big events such as weddings, fianc├ęs, landscaping and so on.

“But we also look at the time, because we are still in college and sometimes we don’t have time to fulfill the order,” she added.

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