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Turning Out That This is a Beautiful Landscape of Fairy Tales in Biak Papua!

goodmorningpapua.com – Have you ever watched a fictional film demonstrating a fairy tale land? The fairyland is described as a vast forest with trees that are hundreds of years old around it. Then, there is a hidden paradise in the form of a river as a source of water. If you’ve seen it in the movies, are you interested in seeing it in person? This fairy tale forest is real and you can see it live in Indonesia!

It is located in Biak Numfor, Papua and is known as the ‘Fairy Country of Barupi Padwa Sup’. So, what is the beauty of this fairy tale? The following review is summarized on Monday (26/9/2022).

The beautiful and exotic scenery is served here. If it’s raining or high tide, you will feel the sensation of walking on a submerged wooden bridge. No need to worry, the water flow is so clear here, the bridge where you stand can still be seen clearly. So, you can cross the wooden bridge while soaking in the clear water. The chirping of birds chirping and the rustling of the water stream enliven the atmosphere of the fairy tale.

If the water is really overflowing, you will see the trees are also drowning. The sensation of being in the middle of a partially submerged forest may be quite terrifying for some people. Many are afraid of suddenly meeting crocodiles or snakes while exploring the forest. According to someone who visited there in the @indoflashlight Instagram video, no crocodiles have ever been found in this area.

However, vigilance is still needed considering this fairy tale land is a forest area so that it is possible for animals to live there.

Papua never runs out of natural beauty potential. After being spoiled with the charming Raja Ampat area, now the presence of a fairy tale in Biak Numfor adds to the list of destinations that you must visit when in Papua.

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