TSE Group Expands Quota for Higher Education Scholarships in Papua

goodmorningpapua.com – TSE Group has increased the quota for recipients of university scholarship at the Yogyakarta Stiper Agricultural Institute (Instiper) for Papuans. Along with this increasing of quota, TSE Group also continues to provide scholarship programs for students who want to continue their studies at Musamus University, Merauke. They are provided the freedom to choose majors in accordance with their wishes and interests.

Not only at the university level, but the company also provides assistance for children who are still in school. For example, in December 2020, PT Tunas Sawa Erma (TSE), which is part of the TSE Group, awarded scholarships to 55 Papuan children. Throughout 2020, TSE Group’s contribution to scholarship assistance for students in the company’s operational areas in Boven Digoel and Merauke, Papua, reached Rp 955 million.

This value increased if compared to the previous year, Rp 681 million, illustrating that the company’s attention to education increasingly continue. Until last year, scholarship assistance had been given to 431 students.

Director of Human Resources and General Affairs (HR-GA) of TSE Group, Ronny Makal,  said, so far, the company has provided opportunities for five to six Papuan students to continue their education at Instiper. Scholarships are intended for the sons and daughters of Ulayat rights owners. This year, the company will expand the reach of scholarship recipients. All children from the Boven Digoel and Merauke regions, Papua, are allowed to participate in the scholarship selection.

These two areas are the work areas of TSE Group companies, namely PT TSE, PT Dongin Prabhawa (DP) and PT Berkat Cipta Abadi (BCA). The children of TSE Group workers will also be given the same opportunity. “Those who want to study, we will provide opportunities in the form of scholarships,” said Ronny.

By increasing the number of recipients of this scholarship, Ronny hopes that the quality of the Papuan youth can continue to improve. The next impact, they can get a decent job and income so that their welfare and that of the local community can be guaranteed.

On the other hand, this plan is also expected to assist the company in attracting high-quality human resources. For information, TSE Group has prepared work positions in companies for scholarship recipients.

They are also employed because of it is in accordance with the education taken in college, namely the field of oil palm plantations. “Instead of having to look for workers from outside, we should educate them. When they come back and have the skills, they can work in the TSE Group,” said Ronny in an official statement to Bisnis, Thursday (19/6/2021).

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