Trigona Bee Cultivation, a New Way to Improve People’s Economy at TWA Sorong – The Matoa Forest Farmers’ Group at the Nature Tourism Park (THM TWA) of Sorong City, West Papua, carries out a Trigona bee cultivation as a tourist attraction and also a colony seller.

Later, through the Trigona bee cultivation at TWA, it can improve the economy of the local community.

The bee cultivation has been running since 2019, with the guidance of the Natural Resources Conservation Center (BBKSDA) of West Papua Province.

A THM group, Desi Nababan said, the purpose of this Trigona bee cultivation program is to become a tourist attraction.

So, tourists visiting TWA Sorong City, can enjoy it.

“The results of the bee colony cultivation are sold by the THM Group, to increase the income of the people around TWA,” said Desi, to a number of media crew, Wednesday (2/3/2022).

In addition, through this cultivation, it will also invite them (the community) to really preserve the natural area in the TWA.

She said, since the beginning of cultivation until now, there have been 77 boxes of trigona bees produced by the THM Group.

Furthermore, tourist attractions will be made and also sold for visiting tourists.

“Now the THM group is very enthusiastic about the Trigona bee cultivation program,” she said.

Because, through Trigona bee cultivation at TWA Sorong City, it has brought economic benefits to them.

In line with that, the Group Member of Sorong City THM TWA , Ester Bunisau admitted, the bee cultivation program is very beneficial for the community.

In addition to economic benefits, this cultivation can also increase new knowledge about Trigona bees rarely found in West Papua.

“We appreciate the West Papua BBKSDA, which runs the Trigona bee cultivation program,” said Ester.

He hopes that the management and production training like this can be of high quality and maintain a sustainable forest, and can prosper the community.

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