Travelling Funfair and Folk Entertainment Successfully Implemented, an Acting Regent Mappi: Thanks to the Support of All Parties – The Travelling Funfair and Folk Entertainment in the context of the 77th Indonesian Independence Day in Mappi are officially closed. In this closing, the RI 77th Anniversary committee in Mappi presented prizes for the winners of the competition. The closing of the travelling funfair and folk entertainment was also accompanied by a number of traditional Mappi dances to other Indonesian dances.

The Acting Regent of Mappi Regency Michael R. Gomar, S.STP., M.Si thanked the committee and all Mappi people who had participated in the celebration of the 77th Indonesian Independence Day.

“We are grateful to God for giving health and safety to all of us, so that all activities go well,” he said, Sunday, August 14, 2022.

The competition which was held in the context of the 77th Indonesian Independence Day in Mappi thanks to the support of all parties, starting from the community, forkompinda and other OPD.

“The enthusiasm and participation from all walks of life is extraordinary. In the future, a series of other activities can build communication with the community, including in all stages of development in the region,” he said.

The Acting regent explained that the young generation in Mappi was very accomplished. This is proven by one of Mappi’s children, Yohanes Kandaimu who is currently joining the football club Persita Tangerang.

There is also Antonius Muyak who is currently competing in taekwondo and muay thai sports nationally. Antonius is a TNI soldier and the examples of the successful Mappi children can give encouragement to other Mappi sons and daughters,” he explained.

The plan is that the Mappi Regency Government will invite both of them to talk and encourage other Mappi millennials.

The Acting regent was also touched by the enthusiasm of the participants in the competition to write an open letter for him. There are 20 participants who have written to him, on average the participants are elementary school students in grades 5 and 6 spread across Mappi Regency.

“The first winner of writing an open letter will be published, so that together we can find out what the hopes and desires of the children in Mappi are,” he said.

It was Servinus, an elementary school student in Muin village who won first place in a letter writing competition for the Acting Regent Michael Gomar.

“I had tears in my eyes when I read the letter. The hope is very high to build the quality of human resources as native sons of the region. They have a longing for Mappi Regency to develop and be the same as other developed regencies,” he explained.

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