Traveling to Fakfak, Papua, Choose an Experienced Driver Instead of Getting Stagnant on an Incline – When traveling to Fakfak, Papua, and renting a vehicle, you should use the services of an experienced driver because the road terrain there is so demanding. A researcher from the Papua Archaeological Agency, Hari Suroto, said that most of the road contours in Fakfak are in the form of steep inclines and gentle slopes.

“The topography of Fakfak is dominated by hills with steep slopes, with slopes more than 40 percent,” said Hari Suroto, Friday, August 27, 2021. Drivers of private cars and public transportation must adapt to these conditions.

When driving in Fakfak, don’t be surprised if you find the car in front stopping suddenly. The reasons can be various, for example the car is not strong enough to go uphill, the driver parks the car on an incline, the city transportation driver drops or raises passengers.

That way, it can be ascertained that the cars in Fak Fak never use third or fourth gear. “Car drivers in Fakfak are used to first and second gear,” said Hari Suroto. “First gear for steep climbs and second gear for gentle inclines.”

Cars in Fakfak, for him, also have more manual transmissions. Drivers usually use the handbrake instead of the clutch, especially when the car is stopped. When the car is running, the handbrake is released slowly as the clutch releases. While the other foot presses the gas pedal to move forward. This method will indeed be difficult for novice drivers.

Because of the uphill, downhill, and winding road contours, the speed of cars in Fakfak is generally around 15 to 20 kilometers per hour. Car owners in Fakfak often replace brake linings and brake fluid. “They always use genuine brake linings, not imitations, so that they are maximized,” he said.

The road conditions in Fakfak then become a benchmark for whether a driver is skilled or not. According to Hari Suroto, generally multinational companies operating in Papua tend to choose drivers from Fakfak over other areas in Papua because of their ability to drive in difficult terrain.

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