Transforming Papuan Young Entrepreneurs Go Digital – Development for Youth Entrepreneurs or young local Papuan entrepreneurs was officially held at Swiss-Bel Hotel Jayapura, Papua, Thursday 19 May 2022.

The Papua Regional Business Forum lasted for 3 days was opened by the Director General of Domestic Trade, Oke Nurwan, and was attended by approximately 100 young Papuan entrepreneurs.

In addition to the full support from PT Freeport Indonesia, the 3-day event also involved the Indonesian Ministry of Trade, Sampoerna Retail Community (SRC), Papua Muda Inspiratif [Inspirational Young Papua] and the Kitong Bisa Foundation.

Oke Nurwan in the opening hoped that the participants from various regions in Papua and West Papua would be able to develop an entrepreneurial spirit, especially among millennials.

The participants are also expected to make a real contribution to the role of corporations in maintaining economic stability in Indonesia, as well as providing active solutions in maintaining economic growth and becoming the driving force for economic recovery during the pandemic.

A Vice President of Community Relations of PT Freeport Indonesia’s, Engel Enoch, in his remarks said that the gathering of young Papuan entrepreneurs was a very extraordinary moment.

Engel hopes that Freeport’s support will be able to contribute to creating Papuan entrepreneurs who have the skills and independence to create new jobs in their own country.

“We really welcome this activity and on behalf of PT Freeport Indonesia we feel happy to be a part of this activity. We hope that the contribution in the Regional Business Forum can improve the welfare of the people in Papua,” said Engel.

He explained that PT Freeport’s involvement in MSME training for local young entrepreneurs was a contribution in supporting program of the 30 million MSME that will go digital in 2024.

Therefore, PT Freeport continues to encourage independent young entrepreneurs so they can compete and see opportunities in their area. “We support that, so that MSMEs can onboard on digital platforms and achieve what Mr. Billy Mambrasar said earlier,” he said.

As stated by him, the potential of the region in Papua is very large and it is a challenge for business actors to master technology and skills that can have a maximum impact on the welfare of local communities.

This shows that the challenge for an entrepreneur, especially in Papua, is very big and not easy. Not only energy, time and patience are also needed to achieve success.

“Well, today’s forum is one way to achieve that success. Here we will learn and of course have the opportunity to continue to advance, especially by utilizing digital, “he said.

Just to note, the local business forum was also attended by Billy Mambrasar as a Special Staff of the President of the Republic of Indonesia by giving an online speech. Where on the first day there was a discussion and the launch of the SRC digitization in Papua.

Meanwhile, on the second day, participants had the opportunity to visit the SRC shop in Jayapura, and receive material on MSME development in Papua, including SDgS materials for PT.

Freeport Indonesia, which is planned to be hosted by Kerry Yarangga as Manager of Corporate Communication. At the end of the event, PT Freeport will provide business capital assistance to young entrepreneurs.

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