Transactions at the Merauke UMKM Exhibition Reach Rp 1 Billion During PON XX – The Merauke Regency Government estimates that financial transactions at the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Exhibition or MSME [UMKM] have reached Rp. 1 billion during the XX Papua National Sports Week.

“The actors were followed by 164 UMKM, (we) estimate that the financial transactions from the exhibition of UMKM  which lasted for 10 days (PON XX) could reach Rp. 1 billion,” said Merauke Regent Romanus Mbaraka, Sunday, October 10, 2021.

Romanus explained that the transaction achievement is calculated with the lowest income of one MSME reaching IDR 500 thousand per day. So that 164 MSMEs will have an income of around Rp. 82 million per day from the exhibition.

“(This is) based on the results of a local government survey from the exhibition (UMKM). This indicates that the exhibition is able to absorb 7,800 visitors and PON participants from outside the city of Merauke,” said Romanus.

The UMKM exhibition was attended by Papuan mothers by offering various handicrafts and local culinary products. For example, Noken crafts, Asmat carvings, Sago Sef or the typical food of the Marind Tribe, eucalyptus oil produced by the Marind community and others.

Romanus added that the UMKM Exhibition was held along Jalan Brawijaya in front of the Merauke Regent’s Office. The exhibition is funded by the local government by building 99 stalls or places for sale.

“We deliberately built it centrally so that PON participants can easily visit. We hope that UMKM can take advantage of PON opportunities to improve the economy,” Romanus hoped.

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