Training Papuan Women to Make Donut Chips – Army Soldiers from Task Force of Yonif MR 412 of Kostrad Pos Malagay provide training for women in Lanny Jaya Regency, Papua, how to make the processed foods produced from potatoes and sweet potatoes into chips, thymus and donuts.

In a statement received by ANTARA, Thursday, the training to produce the processed food as a source of the family’s economy took place in the courtyard of the TNI Pos Malagay task force, Lanny Jaya Regency.

“Mama [Mothers] and younger sisters in a cheerful and enthusiastic atmosphere learn with the postal members to produce chips, thymus and donuts,” he said.

Captain Zulfahmi mentioned that raw materials easily obtained from his own garden and fairly simple manufacturing techniques have become the initial motivation for people to learn to make the processed foods.

“What is expected later is to help improve the family’s economy. This creative idea together with other members becomes a companion for residents who are learning to make processed foods and at the same time provide marketing solutions for food products,” he said.

The processed food, according to Danpos, is expected to help improve the family’s economy so that it can be realized.

One of the Papuan women who participated in the Winna Kiwo training admitted that she has just known that donuts usually bought in the City evidently can be made with this kind of potato and the method is also easy. “Thank you to the members of the TNI Post Task Force for teaching the mothers here to make chips, thymus and donuts. Later we will make them at home and sell them at schools or markets around here,” said Winna.

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