Tragedy of the Fall of Brigadier General Gusti Putu: The Sacrifice of Lives Against the Cruelty of Papuan KKB

Tragedy of the Fall of Brigadier General Gusti Putu: The Sacrifice of Lives Against the Cruelty of Papuan KKB – The Indonesian nation ought to mourn. For, the Chief of the Regional BIN (Kabinda) of Papua, Brigadier General Gusti Putu Dani Nugraha Karya, was shed during a gun engagement with an Armed Criminal Group (KKB) at Dambet Village, Beoga District, Puncak, Papua. The perpetrator of the shooting against Brigadier General Putu, is suspected of the KKB from the Lekagak Telengan group.

“From the report I received, the perpetrator of the shooting of the victim comes from the Lekagak Telengen group,” said the Military Commander of Cenderawasih, Maj. Gen. Yogo, Sunday (25/4/2021).

The firing incident causing Brigadier General Putu to die is said to have taken place this afternoon for about 15:50 WIT. At that time, Brigadier General Putu moving with his 7 members, was attacked by the KKB in Dambet Village. As a result, Brigadier General Putu got fall because he was shot during gun battle at the location. At the time, its members also took the body of Brigadier General Putu to Beoga from which is about 3 kilometers away.

“The corpse arrived at Beoga for about 18.30 WIT”, said Yogo Triyono.

Furthermore, it is planned that Brigadier General Putu’s corpse to be carried out to Timika tomorrow. “On Monday (26/4) it is scheduled to be evacuated to Timika” added Yogo. 

At the same time, intelligence and military observer, Susaningtyas Kertopati, said that the fall of Kabinda, Brigadier General Putu, indicated that BIN was proactive in maintaining the stability and security of Papua.

“It all ought to appreciated since the Chief of BIN General Budi Gunawan is serious in taking care of Papua so that it remains part of the Republic of Indonesia,” Susaningtyas told media, Sunday, April 25, 2021.

Nuning, her nickname, said that the fall of Kabinda Papua a few hours ago was a national heroism for his struggle to defend the unity of Indonesia.

“Kabinda Papua for the sake of carrying out the task of security restoration after security interference to the community in Beoga Puncak. Hopefully Husnul khotimah,” she said.

On this occasion, Nuning delivered the chronology of the death of the Chief of Papua, Brigadier General Putu. On Sunday, 25 April 2021, the BIN Task Force together with the TNI-Polri Task Force traveled to Dambet Village, Beoga District, Puncak Regency for the sake of of field observation and acceleration of with TNI-Polri Forces restoring of security around SDN Dambet and Honai Milik Benert Tinal ( a tribal chief of the Beoga District), burned on April 17, 2021 and to cut off the movement of the KKB to Illaga.

The KKB of Papua, which is quite aggressive , has a track record  being a part of the series of many elements; namely KKB Papua Yambi, KKB Paua Ilaga led by Murib Military, KKB Papua Tembagapura led by Seltius Waker, and KKB Papua Ugimba led by Guspi Waker.

From the beginning, these groups had joined the Papuan KKB in the Mimika area known the “Kali Kopi Group” led by Joni Botak and Hengky Wanmang.

Their actions continually go on. Since February 15th – they have taken hostage of three teachers having assign at SDI Aroanop – until now. In fact, in recent days the KKB of Papua has not ceased to do  theri action. The KKB took act back in Beoga District, Puncak Regency, Papua, on Saturday (17/4/2021) morning. After being successfully repulsed from the region of ​​Beoga Airport, KKB burned the school and several houses at Dambet Village.

Some of the houses burned belonged to the Chief of the Ener Tinal tribe and several official houses of teachers. Meanwhile, the school burned was the Dambet Elementary School (SD) building. The location of the incident from the center of Beoga District was quite far, so that no enough time for the security forces for taking action. The distance of Dambet village is about 3 kilometers to Beoga by foot.

Previously, on Thursday (8/4/2021), for about 09.30 WIT, KKB perpetrated a firing at a  stall  in Julugoma Village. A teacher at SD Impres Beoga, Oktovianus Rayo, was shot dead. Not only that, at the afternoon, KKB burned three rooms of the Public Senior High School 1 Beoga. Then on Friday afternoon, the such criminal group shot Yonatan Randen, a teacher of Public Junior School 1 Beoga.

The victim carried out by the community to the Beoga Community Health Center eventually passed away. The both of corpses had just been able to be evacuated to Mimika on Saturday (10/4/2021), after the Puncak Regency Government paid a ransom to KKB to allow the plane came into Beoga Airport. 

Then, on Sunday (11/4/2021) night, the KKB took action again by burning nine rooms of 1 Junior High School at Beoga. The burning act done back by KKB occured on Tuesday (13/4/2021) afternoon.

A total of two houses were targeted. Then, on Wednesday afternoon, the Nemangkawi Task Force landed in Beoga after personnel of Brimob and Raider 715 who were in Beoga suceesfully stroke back the KKB at Beoga Airport. On Thursday afternoon, the Nemangkawi Task Force returned to Beoga, so that a total of 100 personnel were already in Beoga. Then on the same day, 42 migrants previously fled to the Beoga Koramil and Polsek were successfully evacuated to Mimika.

All of this is a heartbreaking tragedy. So, the tragedy of the fall of Brigadier General Putu Dani Nugraha has left a very deep wound for the Indonesian people. Wounds as to dedication and devotion, wounds as to sacrifices for the stability of Papua especially and national stability generally.

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