Traditional Leaders Urge Papuans Who Guarded Luke’s House to Go Home – The suspect in the corruption case at the KPK, who is also the Governor of Papua, Lukas Enembe, has not bee examined yet by investigators on the grounds that he is sick. Lukas is still at his house in Jayapura, Papua Province, escorted by hundreds of people who protect him.

The traditional chairman of Sekanto Keerom, Papua, Didimus Werare appealed to the Papuan people not to prevent the KPK from conducting an examination of Lukas. He invited the people who were still staying at Luke’s residence to return to their own homes. The purpose is that the KPK can immediately examine the case that ensnared Lukas.

Didimus fully supports KPK investigators in examining Luke professionally. Moreover, the two summons for examination have been ignored by the former chairman of the DPD of the Papuan Democratic Party.

“KPK must examine Lukas Enembe and his closest officials so that all those related to corruption cases can be punished,” said Didimus from Jayapura, Papua, Tuesday (4/10/2022). His party urged the KPK to immediately examine Lukas so that the case was quickly resolved.

Didimus also reminded Lukas to immediately be aware and follow the legal rules to be examined by the KPK in Jakarta. “We indigenous people will not intervene because we do not want any sacrifices to be in vain,” he said.

Meanwhile, Lukas admitted that he was still recovering so he could not attend the examination at the KPK. He has been absent for questioning twice, and the KPK does not want to force itself to arrest Lukas because it could trigger horizontal conflicts.

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