Traces of Pearls from Papua in Persib Bandung – Papua has never run out of talented players in football. A lot of players from Papua have become stars on the national football scene. Persib Bandung is also aware of this. Persib has used the services of a player from the eastern end of Indonesia several times.

Since the union era, Persib has been noted to have started using the services of players from Papua to navigate the Indonesian League competition, as well as this season where there were two players from Papua who defended Persib amid the nuances of local players from West Java.

Cornelis Rudolf

Cornelis Rudolf is the first player from Papua to join Persib. Cornelis played with Maung Bandung in the 1980s. The player nicknamed Si Magrib also helped Persib win the union in 1986.

Interestingly, in the final at that time, Persib beat a team from Papua, Perseman Manokwari. Cornelis’ name, although not very famous, is on par with Persib legends such as Adeng Hudaya, Ajat Sudrajat to Djadjang Nurdjaman.

Alexander Pulalo

Furthermore, there is the name Alexander Pulalo who became part of the Persib squad in 2004. The move of this player from Cendrawasih Earth has caused controversy. It is because in the previous season, he was a Persija Jakarta player who was none other than Persib’s rival.

But Pulalo’s career at Persib was short lived. He only lasted one season before moving to Arema Indonesia. In Arema, Pulalo was considered successful. He won the Indonesian Cup for two consecutive years, namely 2005 and 2006.

David Laley

David Laly is the next player from Papua to defend Persib. This agile winger was brought in by the then Persib coach Dejan Antonic from Pelita Bandung Raya (PBR) in 2016.

Previously, David had successfully led Persipura Jayapura to win the Indonesia Super League in 2011 and 2013. David’s light was getting brighter at PBR which made him called to defend the U-23 Indonesian National Team.

Joining Persib, the figure of David Laly is projected to be able to replace the figure of Dedi Kusnandar who moved to Sabah FA, Malaysia. David’s best achievement with Persib was when he was runner up for the 2016 Inter Island Cup. He also only played 10 matches with a collection of one goal.

Yanto Basana

Yanto is the next Papuan player who has ever defended Persib. Basna was part of the Persib squad in 2016. Basna was also brought in by coach Dejan Antonic because of his brilliant actions with Mitra Kukar.

But Basna also only lasted one season at Persib. He rarely gets a chance to play. Basna only played six times. In 2017, Basna decided to leave for Sriwijaya FC before joining the Thai club Khon Kaen FC.

Patrick Wanggai

Next is Patrich Wanggai who continues the tradition of Papuan players at Persib. The former Sriwijaya FC striker joined Persib in the second round of Liga 1 2018. His presence sparked controversy due to Wanggai’s showing of the middle finger when he was still with Borneo FC.

Just like other Papuan players, Wanggai only lasted a short time. He didn’t continue his contract. With Persib, Wanggai played 13 matches and scored four goals.

Ricky Kambuaya and David Rumakiek

In the 2022/2023 season, there are two Papuan players who are part of the Persib squad. Both are Ricky Kambuaya and David Rumakiek. Both of them were brought in by Persib at the start of this season.

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