TPID of Jayapura City Implements 4 Corridors of Food Price Stability

TPID of Jayapura City Implements 4 Corridors of Food Price Stability – During Ramadan, the Jayapura City Regional Inflation Control Team (TPID) of Jayapura City conducted inspections at traditional and modern markets at the Jayapura city.

A Head of BI Representative of Papua Naek Tigor Sinaga said there were three locations that TPID visited, namely Hamadi Traditional Market, Bulog Rice Warehouse and Jayapura Mall.

From the three existing locations, it is concluded that the basic needs during Ramadan are relatively stable in Jayapura City.

“Eggs, chicken meat and others including rice remain stable, it’s just that curly red chilies and red chilies have increased,” said Naek Tigor Sinaga.

To overcome this case, TPID Jayapura City plans to cooperate between regions. TPID of Jayapura City will bring in basic needs to fulfill commodities running into price rise.

“We to bring in stock chilies in central areas, either from South Sulawesi or in East Java. We to do that immediately to stabilize the price of these commodities in Jayapura City and Papua in general,” he said.

He is optimistic that the increase in some of these commodities to be safe and can be fulfilled. Moreover, he said, the price rise was only temporary because it was caused by the climate or weather in Papua.

Besides, the stock of basic goods such as rice and other necessities was carried by Naek to remain safe until now.

He said the TPID of Jayapura Cityi mplements 4 corridors (4 K) in keeping of price stability, namely affordability, sufficient supply, expeditious distribution and effective communication.

The inflation rate in Jayapura City for the last 3 months, he conveyed, showed an increase since it was caused by two main commodities, namely cayenne pepper and yellow tailed fish, which had soared in price.

Meanwhile, the Mayor of Jayapura, DR. Benhur Tomi Mano appealed that modern markets and traditional markets be able to control the prices of basic commodities. He did not want three days before Eid al-Fitr, the rise of the price for a number of foodstuff commodities in traditional and modern markets to occure.

“To the distributors of goods, do not hoard food or other goods during the month of Ramadan,” said BTM. He threatened to take a firm act if the distributors deliberately would have hoarded food or goods. The City TPID to collaborate with the existing Food Task Force to carry out operation or raid

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