Towards Merauke as a Land of Peace in Papua – Danrem 174 Merauke Brigadier General Bangun Nawoko directly led the Creative Social Commission activities with Youth Leaders, Community Leaders, Religious Leaders and Merauke Regency Organizations with the theme “Knitting Diversity in the Land of Peace in Papua in the framework of the 76th Indonesian Independence Day 2021”.

Information compilled from Penrem Merauke, Komsos Kreatif was followed by 30 participants with 3 (three) people as presenters, namely Colonel Arh Hamim Tohari, MA (Kasrem 174/ATW Merauke), Yosep Albin Gebze (Secretary of LMA Merauke and Riski Patiasina (Chairman of BEM Musamus University). Merauke), with a moderator Martha Elisaberh Titihelawa, S.Pd, at the LB Moerdani Makorem Hall 174/ATW Merauke, Wednesday (18/8/2021).

Danrem Brigadier General Bangun Nawoko in his speech said that in accordance with  the meaning of Korem 174/Anim Ti Waninggap (Korem 174/ATW) from the Marind Merauke language which means good brother. “I told the other Soldiers that we will be good brothers so that they can serve well and so that they can unite with the Marind Customs. Korem soldiers never get tired for helping the Papuan people,” he explained.

Meanwhile, Colonel Arh Hamim Tohari as the material presenter explained that the Creative Komsos activities carried out were a form of the Korem as a regional builder in order to establish friendship with all components of society to equalize perceptions, share ideas and knowledge, in order to find solutions in solving any problems that might occur in the area of Merauke Regency area.

“The purpose of implementing the Creative Social Commission activities is to build a commo thought and the goal to build Merauke together according to the theme of knitting diversity can be implemented in everyday life, so that Merauke as a Land of Peace can be realized,” he said.

The discussion activity underwent lively and being guided by a moderator Martha Elisabeth Titihelawa, S.Pd,  because it was immediately deduced when there was presentation of material or answers to questions in the discussion.

During the discussion activities, the Section Heads of Korem 174/ATW were also joined by complying to the Covid-19 health protocol.

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