Tourism in Biak, Papua, Gets Normal, Tourist Attractions are in Operation Again 100% – A number of tourist attractions in Biak Numfor Regency, Papua, have been full active again or 100 percent serving tourist visits.

“Before Idul Fitri 1443 H, the operation of the Kali Saukobye Beach tourist attraction, North Biak District was operating normally to serve tourist visits,” said a Head of the Saukobye Tourism Awareness Group Markus Abraw in Biak, Papua, on Saturday.

He said, with the normal operation of the Kali Warbon Beach tourist attraction, hoped that it will become a tourist destination for residents of both Biak and others.

The manager of the Kali Warbon Beach tourist attraction, according to Markus, provides marine vehicle services for children’s play, swimming tires rental, and a gazebo for visitors to relax.

“Meanwhile, we will also prepare a canteen or stalls selling food and drinks,” he said.

Meanwhile, a Head of the Biak Tourism Office, Papua, Onny Dangeubun said, various tourist attractions in Biak had returned to full operation serving visitors after the COVID-19 pandemic situation began to decrease or slow down.

“We hope that the tourism object managers will maintain the health protocols, even though they are fully operational,” he said.

Various tourist attractions already fully in operational include the Anggopi beach, Segara Indah Bosnik Beach, Sorido Beach, Raja Tiga Yendidori Beach, Blue River, and Warbon Saukobye River.

Furthermore, according to Onny, there are also other tourist attractions such as Binyeri Yendidori I Beach, Bird and Orchid Gardens, East Biak Mangrove Tour and historical Japanese Cave tours which are back operating normally.

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