Tourism Destinations of Paniai Lake, The Most Beautiful Lake in Papua – You must visit the Paniai Lake tourist destination in Papua while on this easternmost island of Indonesia.

Lake Paniai in Papua was stipulated the most beautiful lake tourist destination at the world lake conference on November 30, 2007 in India which was attended by 157 countries.

Lake Paniai tourist destination is located at an altitude of 1700 meters above sea level in Papua with a lake area of 14,500 hectares.

You can enjoy a very beautiful view at dusk and see birds flying over the lake.

The silhouettes of the cliffs plus the fishing boats returning from fishing.

The existing facilities are fairly complete, such as tour guides, boat rentals, boarding houses, fishing equipment and food stalls around the lake.

This tourist spot in Papua displays natural scenery which is characteristic of the area, so it looks very exotic.

For tourists who want to visit Paniai Lake, they can start their journey from the city of Enarotali, the capital of Kab. Paniai. From Eranotali there are two routes to the lake area.

First by land by renting a bus across the steep and winding road.

The second took the air route by boarding a plane that could land on the characteristic high ground of the runway from the ground.

Paniai Lake is free of charge open to the public within 24 hours so you can freely come anytime.

However, if you rent a boat, you have to pay to do activities on Lake Paniai. Even though it’s free, there are facilities offered by this lake such as a guard post that will protect tourists from unwanted things.

And a tour guide that will explain the historical origins of Lake Paniai. Other facilities such as boat rental, fishing equipment rental.

If you want to stay around here you can stay at the lodging provided in people’s homes.

Apart from Lake Paniai, this regency also has another lake close to Paniai, namely Lake Tage, the two lakes are connected by a natural tunnel.

The cluster of green hills and high cliffs around Lake Tage makes the eyes stunned. Besides being used as a tourist spot, Lake Paniai is also used by the community to catch fish and shrimp.

The shrimp here are typical shrimp endemic to the Paniai area, but their existence is dwindling and it’s hard to catch them because they are covered in water hyacinth.

The sunset seen from this lake is very exotic and charming, as it is surrounded by large mountains from the height of this lake which looks like a basin. That’s why the tourist destination of Lake Paniai Papua has been named the most beautiful lake.

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