Touring 4 Villages, Distributing Thousands of Red and White Flags at Mappi – An Acting Regent of Mappi, Michael Rooney Gomar, together with Forkopimda, toured four villages covering a distance of 20 kilometers, Sunday, August 7, 2022.

In the tour, also involved the Indonesian Motorcycle Association (IMI) of Mappi Regency and a number of community organizations, the Acting Regent of Mappi distributed thousands of Red and White flags.

This action is one of the efforts of the Mappi Regency Government in reviving the nationalism of the people who live in urban and rural areas.

In addition to the long distance, the slippery road conditions due to rain became a challenge for the Acting Regent of Mappi and his entourage. Even so, this condition did not decrease the enthusiasm of the number one person in Mappi.

A total of 2,000 Red and White flags were distributed to the community in four villages, starting from Ima Village and Agam Village in Nambioman Ayahi District and Soba Village and Dagimon Village in Obaa District.

The Acting Regent of Mappi, Michael R. Gomar said that the red and white convoy touring was in the context of the movement to distribute 10 million Red and White flags, which is a national agenda carried out throughout the archipelago.

“The distribution of the red and white flag is to instill a sense of love for the homeland and invite all levels of society to jointly celebrate in welcoming the 77th Indonesian Independence Day in 2022,” said Gomar.

According to Gomar, the distribution of the flags was an order from the center through the Ministry of Home Affairs. For Mappi alone, the government distributed 2,000 red and white flags.

“We express our gratitude for the welcome from all of you. We hope that the distribution of this red and white flag can increase the love for the homeland and to foster a sense of solidarity, a sense of brotherhood, especially to the next generation in Papua,” he said.

The secretary of Kampung Akam, Dominikus Yermogoin, assessed that the presence of the Acting Regent of Mappi, Michael Gomar, was a form of government attention to the people in the village.

“We are happy that the Acting Regent could come down and distribute this red and white flag, this is a sign that the government is present in the community and sees firsthand the situation of the people in the village,” said Dominikus.

The same thing was conveyed by Leonardus Yanuar Wambemu, a Villager, Soba, Obaa District who views the presence of the Mappi leaders as a form of encouragement and enthusiasm for the community in welcoming the 77th Indonesian Independence Day. “We are happy that the Acting Regent came down directly today to distribute the flags,” he said.

This condition was also felt by Wika Lodivika, another Mappi resident who said that the presence of the Acting Regent gave encouragement to the community. Moreover, so far there have been no activities ahead of the Indonesian Independence Day.

“I represent the people here, we are very happy, especially the Acting Regent, who came here directly,” he said.

It is known that the Red and white Flag distribution tour in Mappi Regency was followed by the Head of Mappi Police, AKBP Damianus Deddy Susanto, Danyon Raider 600/Modang Infantry Major Hanif Haridho, Acting Regional Secretary of Mappi Mauridsius Kabagimu, a Head of PKK Mappi Regency, Mrs. Stevani Gomar, a number of leaders of Regional Apparatus Organizations (OPD), as well as people who are members of communities and communal organizations in Mappi.

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