Torang Bisa, A Theme Song for Papua PON Evokes Spirit and Unity of the Republic of Indonesia – PB PON Papua introduced Torang Bisa as a theme song for PON 2021, Saturday (11/11). This song was chosen because of the lyrics of the spirit and unity of the Republic of Indonesia from Papua.

Located at the Neo Indah Hotel, West Jakarta, Roy Letlora as a Head of Division II PB PON explained the readiness of PON Papua. He was accompanied by the Acting Coordinator for the Marketing Division of PB PON Karsudi.

Karsudi explained, Torang Bisa was chosen to be the theme song for PON of Papua through various stages. Of the various other candidates, Torang Bisa is considered the most representative of Papua in the spirit of Indonesian unity.

This song was composed by Hebat Fatahilah and performed by a singer Vien Mangku and a rapper Qibah Mansawan. The lyrics of the song of Torang Bisa tell of four things believed and done by athletes who will compete in the 20th PON, namely, we can maintain national unity, infuse a spirit of sportsmanship, unite differences, and support each other and unite to become champions.

The song of Torang Bisa has been released by the organizing committee. This song can be accessed by the general public on the official channel for PON of Papua 2021.

“The selection of the theme song was quite long, starting from the contest from March 2021 which was participated by 24 contestants. In the end, there were 15 contestants who submitted from inside and outside Papua,” Karsudi said when giving a press statement.

“Through a judging process from Papuan art workers, Torang Bisa was finally chosen. This song has been launched in Jayapura and distributed throughout the Papuan media and PB PON,” he added.

“As for the meaning as in the judging process, that this song has a deep meaning. It depicts the spirit of the land of Papua as the easternmost province, on which the sun rises. Although not everyone knows it, it is hoped that Papua can be known from the Great Fatahilah song,” he said again.

Meanwhile, Roy Letlora explained the preparations for Papua to host this four-year event. He advised all not to have doubts about security issues in Papua.

He guarantees that the Papuan people are not like what most Indonesians think. Roy Letlora wants Papua to be better known in Indonesia through the successful implementation of PON. This sporting event throughout Indonesia is a golden opportunity for Papua to be better known.

“I am the Head of Division II who is also in charge of security. At the opening and closing, the TNI will be specially guarded. Security issues are sensitive, especially when there is a fire incident at the airport, but it is not a series of terror,” said Roy.

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