Toni Wanggai: Establishment of a New Province is an Answer to Problems in Papua – The existence of a new province will answer Papua’s various problems in the context of special autonomy or Otsus, because it can bridge local aspirations and national strategic interests.

A member of the Papuan People’s Assembly (MRP), Toni Wanggai, said that with the revision of the Special Autonomy Law in Papua, there were three major breakthroughs by the central government in the era of President Joko Widodo.

First, he said, is the presence of a special agency for the acceleration of the development of Papua and West Papua, secondly the existence of a comprehensive master plan for the development of Papua, third is the provision of the widest possible political space for indigenous Papuans (OAP) with the establishment of the Regency/City House of Representatives (DPRK) from the path of appointment not the path of selection.

So, he said, OAP has a broad political space that plays a direct role in overseeing policies and is involved in policymaking in every political policy at the district/city level.

“Therefore, the Bill on Indigenous Peoples needs to be ratified immediately, because so far, even though Papuans are land owners, the management is left to foreign businessmen,” said Toni in his statement, Wednesday (2/11).

He added that the figure of the expansion of Papua from Kaimana, Ismail Sirfefa, in his historical and juridical perspective, saw the very good substance of how the government’s efforts can prosper the community, how to eliminate the hindrance, so that accessibility services are affordable.

It’s just that, he said, the government’s policy on Papua needs to be monitored for its implementation because it is faced with a number of problems.

“The purpose of the area division is to be able to realize development justice in Indonesia, which has implications for other fields, such as the manpower sector,” said the former Deputy Regent of Kaimana.

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