Tomas Papua in Jambi Supports Governmental Division in Papua – A Papuan religious and community leader in Jambi, Rev. Daniel Pagawak, do not blame the government’s plan to carry out a New Autonomous Region (DOB) or division in Papua.

“Regarding the government’s plan to do the division of Papua which will form several new provinces, actually I myself do not blame the government’s plan for the development of new autonomous regions in Papua itself,” said Daniel, Thursday (16/6/2022).

For him, the existence of new autonomous regions or regional expansion in Papua is very good, because it is very beneficial for the Papuan people themselves.

The government’s policy regarding the development plan for the new autonomous region in Papua is very appropriate, it’s just that there are still people who are for and against this policy. Because Papua certainly consists of several tribes and the interests of groups in Papua.

“As a clergyman, I should fully support all government policies, because of what the government has planned has been certainly considered in advance from all aspects and impacts,” he continued.

Besides, Daniel Pagawak said that with the government’s plan to implement new autonomous regions in Papua, it would be able to bring the aspirations of some Papuan people.

“By means of the expansion of a new province in Papua, we will be able to equalize development, trigger infrastructure development, natural resource development and create various opportunities for the next generation,” added Daniel.

He hopes that the government’s policies will further advance Papua so that development can be evenly distributed on the earth of paradise.

“Hopefully through the new autonomous region, equitable distribution of infrastructure and human resources development must be accompanied by division. Please, pray that it can be implemented, because Papua is actually a part of the Republic of Indonesia,” he said.

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