Tolikara Intellectual Figures; DOB for the Welfare of Papuans – A figure of Pegunungan Tengah of Papua from Tolikara Regency said that all parties must welcome the new autonomous region (DOB) of the Pegunungan Tengah of Papua for the future of the Papuan people.

Therefore, a Tolikara Mountains leader, Harun Wanimbo, asked them to welcome the DOB with open arms because it is the answer for the next generation on Earth of Cenderawasih.

Harun Wanimbo in a press release to Jayapura, Saturday, emphasized that this new autonomous region must receive support from all parties, especially since the central government has opened a new space.

“This must be supported for the sake of a better regional future,” he stressed.

According to Harun, there are so many opportunities provided by the central government that Papuans have the opportunity to serve as governors, regents, DPRDs, regional secretaries, and other officials.

He then gave the example of the Regent of Lanny Jaya, Befa Yigibalom, who has provided progress and prosperity for the people in the central mountains.

It is also said that what is in front of the eyes today must be accepted first. This is not a personal interest and popularity, but new autonomous regions are the interests of the region and for future generations.

“We are elders, only a few years left, present new autonomous regions for future generations,” he said again.

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