To Help Each Other increases Economic Growth in Papua – The Pamtas Task Force Yonif Raider 142/KJ carries out territorial development activities for citizens by buying community garden crops that are sold at traditional markets located in Kelila District, Central Mamberamo Regency, Papua Mountains, Sunday 9 October 2022.

The territorial development activity of the Kelila Post was led directly by Danpos Kelila, Pamtas Task Force Yonif Raider 142/KJ First Lieutenant Inf Sahita Gurusinga with the Kelila Koramil personnel by visiting places that are usually used by people to sell, seeing the condition and condition of the local residents.

Danpos Kelila Lettu Inf Sahita Gurusinga said that he came together with the Danramil and other personnel, for seeing the condition of the residents who were selling in stalls that were usually used as markets and to see what was being sold.

“The gardens of the residents of Kelila Village are quite numerous and varied, the community sells vegetables and fruits, but there is no official market in Kelila District and the distance to the city is very far, where people find it very difficult to sell their agricultural and garden products,” he explained.

“We as TNI Task Force personnel are moved to help their difficulties by buying garden produce as well as to meet the daily logistical needs of our personnel.”

Danpos explained that he had communicated with his mother at that location. The merchant’s mother admitted that it was difficult to get transportation to sell her garden produce to Kelila. For him, the selling price in the city is 3-5 times higher than that sold in his stall.

Receiving the residents’ complaints, Danpos Kelila together with Danramil Kelila Letda Inf Yohannis Gamar coordinated with government officials of Central Mamberamo Regency and Kelila District regarding agricultural products and community plantations in Kelila District, what will and what they want to do.

Dep Pagawak (35), a vegetable seller from Kelila Village, was very happy, because his garden produce was bought by the personnel of the Kelila Task Force Battalion Infantry Battalion R 142/KJ.

“Pak Pos bought a lot of our vegetables, so we brought money to buy rice,” said the Pagawak Department.

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