Tips for Creating a Papuan Golden Generation – A head of the PKK of Puncak Regency, Elpina K. Wandik, S.KM.M.Kes, said that maternal and child health will determine the future of the golden generation of Papua.

This must start from within the family, including the role and cooperation with the husband which is very important for the health of the mother when carrying a child.

Elpina’s explanation was delivered when giving material on maternal and child health in determining the golden generation of Papua which was attended by thousands of Papuan and West Papuan women during the Retreat of the Women’s Service Department of the Gospel Camp Church (Kingmi) in Tanah Papua which was held at the Kingmi Golgota Congregation, East Kamuu Klasis, Dogiyai District, Tuesday, October 18, 2022.

Maternal and child health begins with the care and service of pregnant women, mothers giving birth, and when mothers breastfeed their babies. Including when the child enters pre-school age.

“It takes good collaboration within the family to determine the direction of the golden generation of Papua,” said the wife of the Puncak Regent.

This Alumni of the S-2 Faculty of Public Health, Cenderawasih University, said that the creation of a golden Papuan generation must be supported since pregnant women are 0-1000 days of life, so that mothers must be able to sort out foods that have a balanced nutritional intake, to optimize the development of fetal brain growth in the womb. .

“So since the wife said she was pregnant, the husband had to help his wife prepare nutritious food, because the 1000 days of life really determine the intelligence of the child towards the future golden generation of Papua. Don’t make it difficult for mom. However, husbands must help each other if they want to have healthy and smart children,” she said.

According to the Head of Child Protection and Family Planning at the Office of Women’s Empowerment and Child Protection and Population and Family Control in Puncak Regency, she explained that Papuan women who are far from the city and are in the midst of a remote congregation in a mountainous area, do not give up hope for nutritious food.

“Nutritious foods are all around us, such as taro, sweet potatoes, sago, and nutritious vegetables. Meanwhile, for protein content, it is recommended to use the yard to make gold fish ponds or catfish, mujair, cork to suplement the nutrition of mothers during pregnancy, “she explained.

Consuming vegetables and other nutritional content must be done continuously, should not be broken for pregnant women.

As a mother, Elpina welcomed this retreat activity positively. She hopes that activities like this need to be supported by the government and the church. Moreover, activities like this can increase the insight of the women of the Kingmi church, thereby increasing the knowledge of mothers, in addition to the spiritual side and can be applied in the midst of their families.

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