Timotius Wakur: The Presence of the Papua LKN Forum is Considered Very Appropriate

goodmorningpapua.com – The presence of the Inter-National Harmony Communication Forum (Forkom LKN) of Papua Province appears to have received a positive response from the Laapago figure, who is also a member of the Papuan DPR through the appointment mechanism, Timothy Wakur, last weekend.

In fact, said Timotius Wakur, the presence of the Papua LKN Forum is considered very appropriate and is a real manifestation of Binekha Tunggal Ika, meaning unity in diversity within the framework of the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia.

“So, the presence of the Papua LKN Forkom LKN, so that there are no ethnic differences, there is no hostility to each other,” said Timotius Wakur to the media crew, after the inauguration of the Papua LKN Forum in the Sasanakrida Hall, Papua Governor’s Office, last weekend.

Timotius Wakur who was also appointed as the Coordinator of the Papua LKN Forkom for the Laapago Region said, if this is in accordance with the motto of the State of Indonesia, namely, one motherland, meaning the spill of Indonesian blood, one nation, namely the Indonesian nation and one language, namely the Indonesian language, so of course Papua cannot be separated from the other islands of Indonesia.

Moreover, said Timothy Wakur, the Papua LKN Forkom has now been officially recognized by the government.

“That’s why hundreds of people, including myself, have been appointed by the Governor of Papua and this institution is recognized as an institution that supports the government. The point is to create Papua as a peace zone. That’s the key. So, so that there is no enmity between Jakarta and Papua,” he stressed.

According to Timothy Wakur, if one Papua and the other itself are not peaceful, it is all the more between Papuans and non-Papuans, as if any a confrontation.

“Well, these differences can be united by the Papua LKN Forum, so that we respect and love each other and join hands to build Papua towards an independent and prosperous Papua that is just and prosperous,” he said.

In addition, he added, the presence of the Papua LKN Forkom is also a forum for resolving solutions when conflicts occur between ethnic groups and others.

“Therefore, the presence of this forum is very important to solve the problem, by prioritizing dialogue and togetherness in solving problems in the large house of the Papua LKN Forkom,” he said.

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