Timotius Serenem, a Vanguard of Agricultural Counselor from Papua

goodmorningpapua.com – No one thought that agricultural counselors were so important in Papua. The area at the easternmost edge of Indonesia seems to have been forgotten in terms of agriculture. In fact it is not so. There are so many exemplary farmers and agricultural counselors who develop agriculture there. Their work is amazing. Many agricultural lands and commodities that were originally barren became fertile by various plants and vegetables.

One of the agricultural counselor figures was named Timothy Serenem. He is the son of a native Papuan, precisely in Merauke. Since he was a teenager he has been diligently engaged in agriculture. This is evidenced by the school he chose as a teenager, namely SPP/SPMA Negeri Manokwari which was engaged in agriculture. From there, his interest in agriculture grew.

Although he did not continue his education to a higher level, he was confident in applying to become a Field Agricultural Instructor (PPL) in 1985. After four years of working as an agricultural counselor with honorary status, Timothy was appointed as a civil servant with the rank of Young Registrar (II/a). .

It was there that his career began to run smoothly as an agricultural extension worker. He moved from one place to another in Papua developing various types of agriculture. Starting from WKPP Sky Line, WKPP Wembi Desa Workwana, WKPP Nafri, and WKPP Koya Tengah. It was in the last place that Timothy’s career got its brightest light. There he developed various commodities such as bananas, taro, and corn. The result is very satisfying. The various commodities that he processed together with the farmers were successfully marketed to Jayapura City. In fact, the taro plant is able to get out until it reaches Sorong Regency.

What is Timothy’s secret recipe for success as an agricultural counselor? It turned out to be all that simple. Timothy only worked hard to invite indigenous Papuan farmers to form farmer groups. After success, the various farmer groups were combined into one Farmers Group Association (Gapoktan) called Cahaya Mulia.

With the farmers who have been organized in one institution, Timothy no longer has trouble organizing and developing farmer resources. All of this leads to an increase in the quality and quantity of agricultural production.

Thanks to his achievements in developing agriculture in Papua, Timothy received an award from the local government. They chose and proposed him to become an exemplary civil servant agriculture instructor at the provincial and national levels. The central government, represented by the Ministry of Agriculture, also awarded him as an exemplary instructor in 2015. All of this was obtained by Timothy due to his hard work that he never gave up.

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