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Timika Teachers Criticize the KKB Action

goodmorningpapua.com – The brutal action undergone by an Armed Crime Group [KKB] at Ilaga and Beoga District, Puncak Regency killing two teacher’s lives received criticism from their peers. Teachers in Timika condemned the crimes performed by KKB to these unsung hero.

One of the teachers and also the principal of the SMK Filadelfia school, Jusuf A Felubun, SPd, MA, as contacted by Radar Timika on Monday (19/4) said he was very concerned and in the sam time strongly criticized the KKB act which caused two teachers’ lives to go in vain. As educators, said Jusuf, they should not be victims of the KKB action which has an ideology confronting to this NKRI.

“We deplore so much for the brutal acts carried out by the KKK in Ilaga so that our two colleagues had to die, this is highly regretted,” Jusuf said.

He continued, for this brutal action he hoped that any actions taken by the church, religious leaders and the government for ensuring the safety of the people there. The safety of teachers who serve the community in the field of education, especially in this hinterland, must be truely guaranteed.

The teachers withdrawn from Ilaga must have had a very deep trauma to return to a place where they were assigned. For this reason, the government and particularly security forces must ensure a sense of safety for teachers if they have to return to their place of duty. 

“Teachers must be given a sense of safety so that they can return to their assignments. This guarantee of security must be real because they risks their lives to teach in this hinterland”, he stated.

In line with this, the head of the Mimika Vocational High School (MKKS) working meeting, John Lemauk, also regretted the KKB actions which yanked the lives of teachers there. These teachers who should have been protected had become victims of KKB barbarity. They , he said, certainly did not envisage that they would become victims of the KKB at a place where they were assigned.  In response to this, the security apparatus in this country, he said, must provide a sense of security above all so that in the future teachers would no longer be  victims in vain.

“Security is the most important thing. This must be guaranteed for us, teachers, to serve in the place of assignment. Don’t sacrifice our lives in vain for the sake of educating the nation’s children”, he said.

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