Thumburuni Market Infographic to be the First Green Building in Papua – A Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing (PUPR) presented the first green building in Papua by means of the rebuilding of the Thumburuni Market which get burned down due to the turmoil in Fakfak Regency, in 2019.

A Director of Strategic Infrastructure at the Directorate General of Human Settlements, Ministry of PUPR, Essy Asiah, explained that Thumburuni market implements the Green Building (BGH) principle from the planning stage to the construction implementation. In addition, the Ministry of PUPR also requires Service Providers to implement Building Information Modeling (BIM). “This makes Thumburuni Market a market with the first green building concept and implementing BIM in Papua,” said Essy Asiah, in a written statement quoted on Friday (11/2/2022).

 The construction of the Thumburuni Market in Fakfak Regency, West Papua, was marked by the laying of the first stone or groundbreaking, on Thursday (10/2/2022). Essy said the presence of Thumburuni Market is expected to be a role model for Green Building in Papua and West Papua, starting from the planning, implementation, and operation and maintenance stages.

“We apply BIM for buildings above 2000 m2, so that the Thumburuni market can become a role model, which will later create ease of implementation,” said Essy. “Don’t forget that service providers carry out 5T, namely on time, right quality, right cost, right administration, and right benefits in order to become a useful market for traders and local people,” said Essy.

 The construction of the Thumburuni market is a follow-up to the Letter of the Regent of Fakfak regarding the Request for Rebuilding of the Thumburuni Market which was burned due to social unrest in 2019. The location for the rebuilding of the Thumburuni Market, in Fakfak Regency, West Papua. This is done to restore the function of the market as an infrastructure for trade and the people’s economy so that it becomes a safe, comfortable, clean, orderly and better building.

 Thumburuni market is a modern market with an area of ​​9,568 m2, a building area of ​​13,563 m2 and a building height of 4 floors which will later meet the basic needs, clothing and electronics of the people around Fakfak Regency. It’s at Thumburuni Market. The development is carried out under the Multi Years Contract (MYC) scheme for the 2021-2023 State Budget with a contract value of IDR 104 billion and is targeted to be completed in 570 days.

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