Three Points of Declaration of the Tabi Indigenous People towards Peaceful Papua – The Tabi Indigenous Community invites the entire community to support the resolution of the Papuan problem in a dignified manner through reconciliation towards a peaceful Papua.

This affirmation is one of three important points stated in the statement of the attitude of traditional leaders and youth from the Tabi area at the Pongkonoware Customary Hall, Waibu District, Jayapura Regency, Monday, February 21, 2022.

There are three points for the manifesto of the Tabi indigenous people. First, the indigenous Tabi community supports efforts to resolve the Papuan conflict in a dignified manner in order to create a peaceful Papua.

Second, the indigenous Tabi community together with the government are determined to resolve the Papua issue through reconciliation and restitution towards a peaceful Papua.

Third, the Tabi indigenous people support the implementation of the special autonomy law number 02 of 2021 and the plan for the expansion of the New Autonomous Region (DOB) towards a peaceful Papua.

A Chairman of the Papuan Mandala Trikora Youth, Ali Kabiay said customary steps were boosted so that there would be no more conflict in Papua between the state and groups that contradict the principle of sovereignty.

“We support what Mr. Lukas Enembe did, who requested a study of reconciliation data from the University of Cenderawasih to find a middle way so that Papua can be peaceful and peaceful,” said Ali Kabiay at the Pongkonoware Customary Hall, Monday, February 21, 2022.

Besides, said Ali, the Tabi indigenous people also support the expansion of new autonomous regions, but it must be based on a study of the culture and culture of each customary area.

“We also hope that the second volume of Special Autonomy funds should go into the accounts of the OAP community and the Tabi indigenous people should be involved in a special agency chaired by the vice president of Indonesia,” he said.

On that occasion, Ali expressed the Tabi indigenous people expectation that the state must be present to eradicate corruption in Papua. Not only that, they also hope that the funds that to be disbursed must involve indigenous peoples as owners of customary areas, especially in the Tabi area.

Meanwhile, a traditional leader from Keerom Regency who is also a member of the MRP Pokja Adat, Herman Yoku, stated that reconciliation is the goal of peace in Papua, which currently starts from the Tabi customary area.

The reason is, the Tabi customary area is like the Sun giving light to all people, especially in Papua and Indonesia in general. For this reason, the current declaration to display a peaceful and dignified reconciliation towards Papua.

“Still Otsus is in the corridor based on Law number 02 of 2021. Indeed, there are those who sued but that is only natural and I am sure everything will be beautiful in time,” he said.

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