This Year, the Division of South Papua, Central Papua and the Central Mountains was Ratified by the House – After getting into the Legislation Agency (Baleg) and being discussed by Commission II of the Indonesian House, the division of the Papua region will be ratified in 2022. In the division, there are three new provinces, namely South Papua Province, Central Papua Province and Central Mountains Province.

The division plan was conveyed by a member of Commission IV of the Indonesian House, the Papuan Dapil, Sulaeman L Hamzah. He said, this year the target of the government and the Indonesian House is to complete the Law on New Autonomous Regions (DOB), namely three new provinces in Papua.

“Our job in the House is only to discuss it and then promulgate it until the hammer knocks, it’s over,” said Hamzah.

With the divsion of the region, said Hamzah again, it is hoped that there will be a service approach to the community. In addition, so far there have been aspirations from the community, and, the House supports the division.

“What was conveyed by the figures in Papua was responded to by the government. So, the division can occur as soon as possible. The Indonesian House welcomes it. We hope that the community will prosper quickly,” he said.

Hamzah admits that the Special Autonomy Law (Otsus) in Papua has only recently been passed. However, the government’s desire is a service approach to the community.

“Inevitably, the province must be expanded, so that the service program will focus more on the community. We hope that the acceleration of development is supported by Presidential Instruction No. 9 of 2020. The rest of the Jokowi administration will be able to provide the best services for Papua, “he explained.

This politician from the NasDem Party said that so far, monitoring from the central government, many people have been isolated from the interior of Papua, and services have not been touched.

“We hope that the local government can make it more effective, but it turns out that it has not been able to touch it until the village/village is isolated. Therefore, the service approach must be divided into three provinces in Papua, the matter of districts will follow,” he explained.

Hamzah added, when the division of a new province in Papua is legalized, the physical development, infrastructure and community empowerment sectors will be boosted as much as possible. It is for the welfare of the people who have not been served well for the 20th year of Special Autonomy.

“After being divided, the budget must continue to roll. Governance runs as the main goal of the service approach to the community. Optimizing the service coverage from one district to another,” he added.

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