This Village in Papua Gets Start 2022 by Sharing Sports Attributes to Youth – One of the villages in the Papua Province region, namely Kampung Nawaripi, Mimika Regency got start 2022 by sharing sports attributes.

The local village government through the village head, Norbertus Ditubun, held a handover of sports attributes in the form of shoes, sports t-shirts, soccer balls, and volleyball to 70 Indigenous Youth in the area.

The symbolic handover was carried out at the Red and White Work Training Center (BLK) in Nawaripi Village on Monday (3/1/22).

“The goal is for young people to offer sports activities, they are expected to be able to practice soccer and volleyball after work activity at BLK,” explained Norman, Norbertus’ nickname to the media crew.

This is merely, said by Norbertus, in order to protect the golden generation of Papua from Nawaripi Village from all activities that are losing money, such as liquor and others.

“My hope is that after this the youths have offered to practice volleyball and soccer. But for now, the priority is for OAP youth first,” he said.

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