This Papuan Noodle and Pasta Made from Sago Aims for the Export Market – Sago-based noodle and pasta products with the brand Sagolucious from Papua are exploring the export market. Sagolucious hopes that its various products can be consumed not only by local people, but also by foreign ones.

“We have prepared ourselves so that this Papua sago-based noodle and pasta product can penetrate the market, Turkey, Australia, Dubai, Malaysia, to the United States (US),” said a Founder and Owner of the Sagolicious brand, Jenny Widjaja in a written statement Wednesday (10/10). /8/2022).

She said that to explore the export market, Sagolicious, which is an MSME scale business actor, collaborated with the Manna Indonesia Group. “Hopefully this noodle and pasta product with various variants made from sago can be consumed by people from Sabang to Merauke and even to the international market,” said Jenny.

Jenny explained, Sagolicious is one of Indonesia’s premium products made from sago, which is a local Papuan food and has high nutritional content. “Sago has many advantages, it does not contain gluten and is organic so it is good for health. Suitable for those who reduce sugar for diabetes and good for those with ulcer problems,” said Jenny.

According to said, Sagolicious continues to innovate sago to make various kinds of processed foods, so that sago can be equal to wheat or rice. “Sagolicious has been the pioneer of pasta noodles made with 100% pure sago, in addition there is sago macaroni, to sago chips,” she said.

Sagolicious Papua is a mainstay product that is packaged with an environmentally friendly concept and combined with local wisdom values, thus supporting government programs in food sovereignty. “We also make this product into colors but still healthy, the goal is to attract the younger generation, especially the millennial group,” she said

Currently, she said, there are more than 40 variants and continues to walk towards 50. The colors in this processed sago naturally come from dragon fruit, turmeric, moringa leaves, spirulla, red papua fruit and other spices.

The Sagolicious variant has also been processed into ready-to-eat food in the form of noodles and dried pasta. For those who want fresh products, they can be enjoyed directly at Sagolicious Cafe & Resto in North Jakarta.

With his innovation and creativity, Sagolicious has received an appreciation from the Indonesian World Record Museum (MURI) as a Pioneer of Commercial Pasta, Noodles and Chips from Sago Startch.

Previously, President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) had visited the Sagolicious booth at the National Gathering (Silatnas) of the Indonesian Army Retired Army (PPAD) in 2022.

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