These 5 Featured Nature Tourism in Papua Makes You Captivated – The land of Papua has extraordinary enchantment. The natural scenery is extraordinary, even recognized by the world. Its natural and cultural treasure makes tourists amazed when visiting there.

On that easternmost island of Indonesia, you can enjoy all the natural beauty that is endless to explore. Exploring the natural beauty in Papua will certainly be an interesting experience can be tried. The following is a collection of from various sources, several tourist attractions in Papua which are famous for making tourists fall in love.

1. Bosnik Beach

Having a famous exotic view, Bosnik Beach which has the original name Segara Indah Beach is awarded with white sand, clear water, and coconut trees that make it even more beautiful. Bosnik Beach offers underwater views of the habitat of various types of coral reefs.

2. Cenderawasih Bay National Park

Almost the entire National Park of Cendrawasih Bay is in the form of water. No wonder the Cendrawasih Bay National Park is the largest and broadest marine conservation area in Indonesia. The variety of flora and fauna under the sea is very interesting to visit for those of you who like diving. In addition to enjoying the natural beauty of the underwater world, there you can also visit small islands scattered around the National Park, such as Mioswaar Island, Rumberpon Island, Roon Island, and others.

3. Raja Ampat

Raja Ampat has been included in the list of recommended destinations, both foreign and domestic media. The Raja Ampat Islands are a series of four adjacent islands located in the western part of the Bird’s Head of Papua Island. The charm of this place has become one of the local attractions which is now turning more into a destination for divers who are interested in the beauty of the underwater scenery. Raja Ampat itself is not intended for mass tourism to protect marine life.

4. Lake Sentani

It is one of the largest lakes in Papua that must be visited. Lake Sentani offers extraordinary beauty. There are at least 21 islands adorning the lake with a height of 75 meters above sea level. Various activities can be done, such as swimming, fishing, eating culinary, to going around the lake by renting a boat that has been provided.

5. Baliem Valley

Located around the Jayawijaya Mountains, the Baliem Valley is home to the Dani, Yali, and Lani tribes. The Baliem Valley is a Papuan tourist spot that attracts a lot of tourists’ attention because it can interact directly with indigenous tribes who still wear koteka for men and tassel skirts for women.

In August, for three days the Baliem Valley holds an annual event, the Baliem Valley Festival. This festival is actually the government’s way to abolish the frequent inter-tribal wars. Tribal wars that have been banned have been replaced into festival events by making art and cultural performances to invite tourists.

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