There is a Better Change in Papua – A Mayor of Jayapura, Dr. Benhur Tomi Mano, said that there must be a change towards a better future for Papua. “There has to be a change for this land of Papua. The land God picked, God put in their hearts, the two of you (Ottow and must go to Papua, there must be a change to the Papuan people 167 this year.” said Benhur Tomi Mano in his remarks for the 167th Gospel Preaching Day (HPI) celebration and the inauguration of the GSG GKI Sion Dok VIII building, Saturday, (05/02).

As stated by the mayor, HPI’s commemoration should not only be celebrated ceremonially, but something must be done for God. He emphasized to the entire community to stop doing something negative which is not useful.

“Men who like to get drunk, stop! please don’t get drunk anymore, gentlemen who like to beat their wives, stop hitting their wives! Children who like marijuana drugs, stop! God wants to bless this land. Let’s glorify God, that’s what God wants so that there will be change in this land and country. Come on, residents of the Doctrine 8 congregation and also as citizens of the city in this area, there are also places at Doc 9, Doc 8. There are illegal drugs, I ask you to stop using marijuana, with alcohol,” he said.

He said that the program in the future that must be implemented is to pay more attention to young people as pillars of the church. “We have to pay attention to our service. The old will step backward toward their old age. But this young man will take this church forward. It is youth who have future changes, who are innovative, creative, responsive to seeing these problems, our ministry must focus on church youth and youth in the church who we must pay attention to,” he said.

For him, in 2030, Papuan youth must master technology so that they are not left behind. “If our youth, our children do not master technology, they will be crushed, they will be left behind. That’s why I invite our youth to master this technology,” he said.

He also invites all parents to make their sons and daughters close to God. “In this sophisticated era, let’s teach our children to be closer to God. So that, the change takes place forward on this given land. Let’s celebrate the 167 years on this land that have opened up the darkness.” he said.

In addition, he also invites GKI children living in Papua to worship God and obey God’s commands. Because of in his view, many cases have occurred in Papua. A lot of funds from the center have flowed to Papua, but Papua is not developing.

“We can see that Papua is backward, the poorest. Trillions of special autonomy funds were disbursed to Papua, where is the money? We get poor and land blessed by God get underdeveloped There is a big question mark, why it happened. Because we serve the money, not God. God said what? Seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all these things will be added to you,” he said.

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