There are Many Destinations, West Papua Tourism Gets Ready to Go being Global – A Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy (Kemenparekraf) appreciates the commitment of the West Papua Provincial Government in developing tourism and the creative economy in West Papua and is committed to supporting the development of tourism potential in West Papua so that it has a major impact on the community, especially in economic revival by opening up job opportunities.

A Deputy for Destination Development and Infrastructure of the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, Vinsensius Jemadu at the 2022 Technical Coordination Meeting (RAKORNIS) for Culture and Tourism organized by the West Papua Provincial Government on Tuesday (12/04/2022) at the Grand Papua Hotel, Fakfak, said West Papua has extremely many the potential for world-class tourism, one of which is Raja Ampat.

He stated that the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy is ready to synergize with the West Papua Provincial Government to develop other tourism potentials in West Papua to the fullest.

Vincent also appreciated the commitment of the West Papuan Government in developing the tourism sector in West Papua Province. In his opinion, this is in accordance with the direction of Menparekraf Sandiaga Salahuddin Uno regarding the implementation of innovation, adaptation and collaboration in tourism development with the spirit of Gercep (Fast Movement), Geber (Joint Movement), and Gaspol (Explore All Potential Jobs).

“Kemenparekraf appreciates the commitment of the Governor of West Papua who is ready and focused on developing tourism and the creative economy,” he said.

On the same occasion, the Director of Destination II Development Kemenparekraf/ Baparekraf Wawan Gunawan revealed, many things need to be encouraged in the development of tourism and the Creative Economy in West Papua. Namely strengthening the focus and thematic areas of Tourism Villages, destinations (Natural, Cultural, and Artificial), ecotourism tourism areas, geoparks (conservation and non-conservation), as well as regional destinations (districts, cities, and provinces).

The West Papua Provincial Government can implement SINAKODA (Central and Regional Synergy based on Innovation, Adaptation, Collaboration) to create quality, integrated, and sustainable destinations in West Papua through development synergies through the physical Special Allocation Fund (DAK) program as well as assistance and other support in efforts to acceleration of destination development in West Papua.

“When this synergy is implemented in West Papua with the right budget, right target, right benefits and on time, then the dream of West Papua to have a quality, integrated, and sustainable destination that is worldwide can be realized through hard work, smart work, thorough work and sincere work”, Wawan said.

Wawan continued that Kemenparekraf/Baparekraf always strengthens synergy and integration across deputies, across ministries/agencies, across stakeholders, and across regions, as well as encouraging the implementation of sustainable and consistent national and international events supported by massive digital marketing.

This was welcomed by the Regent of Fakfak, Untung Tamsil. He appreciated the steps taken by the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy to come directly to the field in identifying the potential and attractiveness of natural, cultural and artificial tourism spread in West Papua, especially in Fakfak.

“The attendance of the Kemenparekraf is actually a form of concern and partisanship of the central government in the regions by providing encouragement and support for the revival of quality and sustainable tourism and creative economy in Fakfak. A number of attractive tourism potentials make Fakfak even more smiling,” said Untung.

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