The World Science Competition in Manokwari Needs In-depth Discussion – A Head of the West Papua Education Office, Barnabas Dowansiba, said that Manokwari’s preparation to host a world-class science competition in 2023 still needed further discussion.

“The preparation still needs further discussion and we will coordinate with the Governor first,” said Barnabas in Manokwari, Sunday.

Barnabas said there were two discussions that were prepared, namely about training for teachers and students. Other preparations involve maintenance costs.

“The organization of this world-class activity will be held in Manokwari,” explained Barnabas.

The coordinator of the Terang Papua Foundation, Ella Mingkit, hopes that the international science competition will be followed by high school students, especially in Manokwari.

He considered that preparation of training for teachers needed to be done so that Papua, especially West Papua, could compete and win a gold medal.

Ella stated that the West Papua Education Office got ready to communicate in preparing for the international science competition.

“The most important thing is to prepare schools and teachers in Papua so that they can guide the children,” explained Ella.

The Terang Papua Foundation, he said, would prepare professors equivalent to provide technical guidance in high schools throughout West Papua.

“Education issues must be considered considering the existence of this international competition. We hope that the teachers in our schools will continue to be enthusiastic,” she said.

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