The VI Congress of Indigenous Peoples of the Archipelago, a Historical Moment for the Indigenous Peoples of Papua – The National Committee and the Local Committee of KMAN VI continue to make various preparations ahead of the opening of the largest indigenous community event in the country.

History for indigenous Papuans, as well as arts and culture, will also appear at the opening ceremony of KMAN VI which will be held on Monday, October 24, 2022.

The opening of the VI 2022 KMAN in the Tabi Customary Territory, Papua will begin with a cultural parade from indigenous peoples on October 24, 2022 by taking the starting point from the Alm Field. Theys H. Eluay, Sentani City, Sentani District, Jayapura Regency, Papua.

In addition to the KMAN VI committee making various preparations, indigenous peoples in Jayapura Regency, especially Ondofolo and Khose in Ifar Besar Village, have also made preparations to welcome the implementation of the VI KMAN in 2022.

“Regarding the readiness of Ondofolo/Khose Kampung Ifar Besar, namely, Ondofolo Ifar Besar Niko Yoku will prepare himself with his five Khoselo to accept the presence of the sixth Indigenous Peoples Congress of the Archipelago, which took place in the border area of ‚Äč‚ÄčKampung Ifar Besar. Now, this is a historical momentum that has cannot be repeated in Papua, especially in the Tabi Customary Area,” said Abhu Afaa of Kampung Ifar Besar, Pdt. Alberth Yoku, S.Th., when met at Puspenka, Hawaii, Sentani District, Jayapura Regency, Friday, October 21, 2022.

From the observations of this online media journalist, a number of KMAN VI participants from various indigenous communities in Indonesia’s customary territories have arrived in Papua, especially in the Tabi Customary Area from Monday, October 17, 2022 to Friday, October 21, 2022.

“Then, this historical momentum is very different from other events such as the PON event. Because this PON event, attending athletes is a matter of course. But the indigenous people from all over the archipelago who are present are leaders who have charisma and also have the right to their country or their customary territory, both land and indigenous peoples. Thus, we are like that too. Ondofolo Ifar Besar together with the Khoselo are the leaders in this village, who owns the land, customs and everything, “he added.

On that occasion, the man who is also the Steering Committee of the KMAN VI Committee said that in the implementation of KMAN VI 2022, the Ifar Besar Village will also do something.

“This thing can be said as something that we paid dearly for. Later, there will be activities for the construction of a monument from KMAN VI or the monument of the indigenous people of the archipelago in Papua. For that, we have provided a plot of land at the entrance to Sentani Airport which is a The old building from the former Sentani Health Center, we will use it as a place to build a traditional archipelagic monument or monument,” he said.

“For this purpose, the indigenous people of Kampung Ifar Besar through Ondofolo Niko Yoku and the Khoselo have prepared the laying of the first stone in a traditional manner. This is carried out by placing five types of property of the Ifar Besar people, which consist of bracelets, then stone tomakho, beads ( nokhom), hawa and haye. So, that’s what the traditional leaders of Ifar Besar will do as the foundation for the construction of the monument to the indigenous peoples of the archipelago that will stand or be erected here,” he added.

The groundbreaking for the construction of the traditional monument, said the man who is also the Chair of the Jayapura Regency FKUB, his party did that, because this KMAN event was very important for the indigenous people in Ifar Besar Village.

“Moreover, the President can be present here. Then, the opening and closing will also occur here. For that, we hope that all indigenous peoples of Kampung Ifar Besar can be involved in supporting and making this congress of indigenous peoples of the archipelago successful,” he explained.

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