The Traditional Leaders Declare Protection for Turtle in Yewena Village, Depapre, Papua – The social  leaders in Yewena Village, Depapre District, Jayapura Regency, declared a protection for turtle.

The declaration was conducted through the signing of the fact of commitment to protect turtles with the Papua Natural Resources Conservation Agency (BKSDA).

This is a part of the active initiation of the releasing of the Lekang turtle hatchlings (Lepidochelys Olivacea), on the coast of Yewena Village, Depapre District. There are 6 points in the declaration for sea turtle protection.

First, the community provides support in the management of the Cycloop Mountains Nature Reserve conservation area.

Second, protect the Cycloop Mountains Nature Reserve from encroachment, timber theft, illegal animal hunting, and other environmental crimes.

Third, the commitment to build mutual trust in the cooperation process, in order to achieve the welfare of the Yewena Village community.

The fourth point is to facilitate the “Merekisi Nung” Assisted Village group, in empowering the community around the Cycloop Mountains Nature Reserve.

Fifth, to develop the business of the “Marekisi Nung” Assisted Village group in terms of turtle conservation, as a special interest nature tourism development in Yewena Village.

Finally, together to save turtles from the threat of extinction towards Yewena to become a conservation village for  turtle  in Papua Province.

Those who took part in the signing were the Head of the Depapre District Yahya Yarisetoue, the Head of Yewena Village Benhur O Nusa, and the Chairman of the Doromena Yewena Customary Council, Jhon Mentaneway.

In addition, the chairman of the Markisi Group, Nung Andarias Indey, also signed the religious leader Ben Apaseray, a community leader Karel Indey and the Head of the Papua KSDA Center, Edward Sembiring.

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