The Sultanate of Tidore Supports a Papuan Figure, Ramses Ohee, Become a National Hero – The Sultanate of Tidore supports Ramses Ohee’s proposal to become a National Hero from Papua. Ramses Ohee is a fighter for the 1969 People’s Opinion Determination (Pepera) who is known as a Hero of Democracy. Ramses Ohee was very contributory in maintaining Papua within the framework of the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia (NKRI). “We on behalf of the people of the Tidore Sultanate support Ramses Ohee as a National Hero,” Chief Justice of the Tidore Sultanate, Wahab Salim, told reporters, Friday (25/11/2022). Wahab explained that the Tidore Sultanate and Papua had not only emotional ties but also territorial and legal ties. “Since 916 years ago, Papua has been registered as the legal territory of the Sultanate of Tidore. The traces of this can be found in various documents and artifacts,” he said.

So naturally the Sultanate of Tidore supports Ramses Ohee as a National Hero. “The first Governor of Papua (West Irian) is Sultan Zainal Abidin Syah, a descendant of the Tidore Sultanate,” Wahab continued. According to Wahab, Ramses Ohee is a democratic figure. The values ​​of democracy and pluralism are very noble principles in the Tidore Sultanate. “We have implemented Trias Politica hundreds of years before Indonesia’s independence.

In fact, we are also connected with the international community, such as the Portuguese, English and Spanish,” he said. Apart from foreign nations learning from the Tidore Sultanate, said Wahab, the Indonesian government has also imitated Trias Politica in the Tidore Sultanate.

“Bung Karno also learned from the Tidore Sultanate,” he said. The principles adopted since the founding of the Tidore Sultanate, said Wahab, were pluralism and tolerance. “Even though Papua is our jurisdiction, they are free to adhere to religion. Even the Tidore Sultanate freed missionaries from Germany to spread Christianity in Papua,”

The National Hero Discourse for Ramses Ohee was first proposed by the Commander of Korem 172/PWY Wamena Brigadier General J.O. Sembiring. At that time he made a pilgrimage to Ramses Ohee’s grave in commemoration of Heroes’ Day November 10, 2022. Bang JO said, Ramses Ohee’s involvement in the Pepera was also a form of his love for the Republic of Indonesia.

“The deceased had a fighting spirit and great love for Papua. He had the principle that developing Papua means developing Indonesia,” said JO Sembiring, who is often called Bang JO, to journalists.

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