The Success of Papua’s Development Determined by Conduciveness – A Vice President Ma’ruf Amin emphasized that conducive security conditions will determine the success of accelerating development in Papua. Ma’ruf claimed that he had instructed the TNI and Polri officers to use a humanist approach towards Papuans.

“Prioritizing dialogue efforts, and without using violence. Don’t fight each other,” said the Vice President in his speech at the online Papua Peace Declaration from Jakarta, Wednesday (1/6/2022).

The Papua Peace Declaration was held by the Papuan Indigenous Peoples Institute (LMA) to coincide with the Birthday of Pancasila on June 1. The Vice President’s speech and directions were witnessed by Papuans participating in the declaration very enthusiastically through a video conference at the Education Field, Wamena.

Ma’ruf thanked LMA Papua for initiating the declaration event. He also appreciated the traditional leaders and tribal chiefs from various traditional areas throughout Papua who were also present at the event.

“Brothers and sisters have consistently maintained the agreement of our nation, that Papua is a part of the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia,” he said.

He believes that the acceleration of Papua’s development will soon be realized because traditional leaders and all elements of local Papuan champions (OAP) are ready to work hand in hand and actively participate in developing the Land of Papua. “One heart, one goal,” he said.

He also emphasized efforts to inflame peace and the spirit of unity in the Land of Papua which is in line with the government’s commitment through various regulations and affirmative policies. One of them relates to the issuance of changes to the Special Autonomy Law (Otsus) for the Papua Province which mandates several main things.

These include the transfer of authority from provinces to regencies and cities, the addition of the transfer of special autonomy funds for Papua to 2.25 percent of the General Allocation Fund, as well as provisions for members of the Papuan People’s Representative Council (DPRP) to be appointed without going through a general election mechanism with a quota of 25 percent. As stated by the vice president, the government has prepared guidelines so that the development of special autonomy in Papua runs in harmony, both in terms of institutional and budgetary aspects.

The government is also formulating a draft presidential regulation (perpres) on the Master Plan for the Acceleration of Development for Papua (RIPPP) and the establishment of the Steering Committee for the Acceleration of Development for Special Autonomy in Papua (BP3OKP). Both of these were led directly by the Vice President.

Closing his speech, he hoped that the Papua Peace Declaration would produce concrete recommendations to encourage the acceleration of Papua’s development. “Papua, I love you (I love you). Torang hebat [Great people],” said the Vice President.

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