The Story of the Building of the House of Prayer for All Nations in Ilaga Puncak, Central Papua – A House of Prayer for All Nations Papua was built in Ilaga, the capital of Puncak Regency, Central Papua Province. The construction of the prayer house began with the ground-breaking conducted by religious leaders, Puncak Regent Willem Wandik, as well as the Chairperson of the TP PKK Puncak Papua Regency, Mrs. Elpina K Wandik, as well as traditional leaders who owned customary land rights to OPD leaders.

The prayer house was built on the Tepugi Hill which is above the height of Ilaga City. The ground-breaking begins with a short service led by Rev. Marthen Mauri, S.Th from Kingmi Church in Tanah Papua, attended by Pdt. Dr. Hans Wakerkwa, M.Sc, as Chair of GKII Region II of the Central Highlands of Papua.

The construction of the prayer house has been a struggle for the Chairperson of the TP PKK Puncak district, Ms. Elpina K Wandik, to pray and fast since August 2022.

The location of the prayer house in the Dani language means let go or let go, it is so beautiful because it is above the height of Ilaga City. And it is certain that the construction of a prayer house will become a spiritual icon for tourism in Ilaga City.

Elpina Wandik as an initiator of the prayer house explained that the prayer house was built based on her experience visiting Israel, Jerusalem and learning from several religious leaders in Papua, such as the one built by the former Puncak Jaya Regent, Henock Ibo in Mulia and Rev. Lipiyus Biniluk in Sentani. So she was determined that there should be a house of prayer in Ilaga. Moreover, Ilaga is the chosen area in spreading the gospel, especially the church of Kemah Injil in the land of Papua.

“We want everyone to kneel down to bring the burdens of life to God in this place, then God will deal with our lives. I am grateful because God has moved our hearts, so that there will be prayers in Ilaga City. The first gospel from the Kemah Injil church entered Ilaga for the first time. The Bible cannot be held firmly and taken for granted, so various incidents occurred in Puncak Regency. After that happens, people will start looking for God,” she added.

She told that before the prayer house was built, she and a number of mothers conducted a prayer and ester fasting every month, starting on the 1st-3rd. Three days, three nights, not eating. “We are the Esthers who come weeping at the feet of the Lord Jesus. We are only as small and a few people are committed to fasting and praying to God by letting go of all the burdens of their lives and letting God act to answer prayers and struggles in this city,” she said.

The ground-breaking for the construction of a prayer house in the highest district in Indonesia will flow, blessings bless the nation. The house of prayer in Ilaga will become an icon of spiritual tourism for all who will come to pray in this house.

Elpina invites the community, the church, ladies and gentlemen of the Kingmi church, youth, fathers and OPD leaders for the beginning of each month on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd, to have time to kneel, to wail under the feet of God, to pray before God, so that It is God who will take care of all things in Puncak Regency.

He thanked the owner of the tradition land rights who gave up their land to build a prayer house. At first everyone said that this high altitude area was dangerous, but I believe God blessed this intention.

“Land distribution was also carried out, there were no disturbances or threats. In fact, all support. I am sure the land owner’s family will be blessed,” she added.

The Puncak Regent, Willem Wandik, was touched by the construction of a prayer house in Ilaga. At first he thought the construction site would be difficult and vulnerable, because it was at an altitude. However, thanks to the seriousness of his wife and the prayer team, the construction site was cleaned up until the ground-breaking took place.

“After this prayer house is built, all must pray here, to kneel and to pray for this district, so that this area will be restored, it will be a blessing for everyone who comes to this land,” he said.

Regent Wandi explained that the people of Puncak must learn to be like the Israelis with their barren natural conditions, where there is nothing. The people of Israel diligently prayed to God and finally God gave a blessing to the people of Israel, they are now a nation with superior technology in the world and is feared today.

The Regent said that the construction of a prayer house would be one of the government’s programs, which would be taken seriously at the end of his leadership. The prayer house will be completed in the 2023 fiscal year and will become an icon of spiritual tourism in Puncak Regency.

Meanwhile Rev. Marthen Mauri, S, Th from the Kingmi church in Tanah Papua and Rev. Dr. Hans Wakerkwa, M.Sc, as Chair of GKII Region II in the Central Highlands of Papua, advised the local government to seriously build a prayer house, including the people of Puncak to also pray diligently to God, concerning with the various events that occurred in Puncak Regency.

“God will be present and bless this area, then this area will be a blessing to all living on the land of Puncak Regency,” he said.

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