The Smart Papua until the Proud Papua: 7 Programs for Cendrawasih Land

A Vice President (Wapres) Ma’ruf Amin says that government has arranged seven strategic programs in accelerating welfare for Papuan community.  First is in education field through a Smart Papua involving Cendrawasih University.

“Contribution of Cendrawasih University is very needed to be a think tank, mainly in developing  human resources of Papua to be more quality, competence and excellent’, said Ma’ruf quoted from press release of Setwapres Press Bureau, Tuesday (22/6/2021).

Second is in health sector, namely with the Healthy Papua program. He said that this program is a solution for the problem of Papuan people who get difficulties in accessing the medical facilities and services.

“This includes an increasing of Regional Hospital [RSUD] in seven traditional regions, a developing of infrastructure, a strengthening of Medical Centre [Puskesmas] and a caring of homeless children”, he said.

Third is an Independent [Mandiri] Papua program. Ma’ruf explained that the Independent Papua program is realized in developing of the excellent commodities including the tourism destination and the business development of Papuan community.

“The establishment of Sail of Cendrawasih Bay 2023, the integrated tourism, the rural economical space, millennial farmers, as well as the development of vocational training centre and the vocational schools”, he confirmed.

Fourth is the Connected Papua program. This is an effort to connect lines in Papua for the sake of making a communication and transportation access easy.

Fifth is the Light Papua program. It is an effort of government in providing an electrical access around the remote areas of Papua. Besides, it is also a cooperation with the related stakeholders in creating the new renewable energy.

Sixth is the Working Papua program which is to be a step for government in advancing a Papuan human resources [SDM] in order to be able to work in the national industry.

Seventh is the Proud Papua, namely it is a means to raise a social-culture being a characteristic of Papua.

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