The Shinta’s story Doing Business of Jastip Profits Tens of Millions Rupiah

The courier service business, known as Jastip, is now more growing. A lot of people make it an additional business, but there are also those choosing to pursue this business.

It is not surprising, because the profits of a courier service business can reach millions or even tens of millions of rupiah. One of them is Shintia, she has been in Jastip business field for a long time.

Currently, Shinta is staying at Jakarta, previously living in the Serui area, Yapen Islands Regency, Papua. Jastip that she has carried out is for about 5 years. Shinta does various items for safekeeping and delivery alone, with the relations of the crew of course.

“We buy them according to orders from customers, not only clothes and perfumes but also furniture if there is an order,” he said via telephone line, Saturday, May 22, 2021.

Even though his Jastip is full of customers, that doesn’t mean there are no problems. Especially when the pandemic attacked, many shopping places were closed, many ship transportation were temporarily suspended.

It’s sad again when the customer does not pay or the goods arrive at their destination, but are not picked up. Because, not a few purchase orders using Shinta’s personal money.

“Sometimes there are those who don’t pay, until the goods are not taken, even though most of the purchases I do use my funds (money), but that’s the risk,” he recalls.

Although sometimes she doesn’t make a profit, Shinta continues to pursue Jastip business because it is considered quite exciting. “Tired too, it’s just that it’s fun to do business like this, we can also go for a walk to check things, while washing our eyes,” he said while expressing gratitude that things had returned to normal even though it was still a pandemic.

He recounted that when he first entered thi business field, Jastip, Shinta, who is a mother of 4 children, is indeed a hobby (hobby) doing an online business online, Traveling (traveling), including shopping (shopping). “Previously it was a hobby, now it’s a business,” he said.

From his liking, he did not expect that his Jastip, who was only a sideline, had now become hockey (luck). Even, the Jastip business has become his main source of income.

Regarding the tariff, Shinta said it was relatively cheap. Usually, the cost of shipping goods also depends on the size of the goods, ranging from 150 thousand to millions of rupiah. Ordered goods will be sent from Tanjung Priok Port, Jakarta. He feels grateful that the business he is involved in has attracted many customers from the Papua region. Even in a month, Shinta can send Jastip orders of up to a dozen tons. “Alhamdulillah, currently there are many customers (customers) in the Papua

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