The Role of Women is Significant to Improve Education in Papua – The role of women is very important in developing Papua. Even so, education of Papuan women must be strived to improve steadily.

An Expert Staff of the Presidential Office, Dr. Rini S Moduow, said that one of the problems in Papua is women. For this reason, she continued, there is a need to strengthen then Papuan women to be able to take part in development by way of education.

She added that a woman could improve her education by studying outside. After that, they returned to the community and built Papua.

“Education is the key for increasing the capacity and role of Papuan women in development in Papua,” Rini said when speaking at a webinar titled Lets Talk About Papua held by the European Association for Advanced Indonesia or PETJ for short, Saturday (28/8).

According to her opinion, the administration of President Jokowi has brought about extraordinary changes in Papua. The number of infrastructure developments in Papua, such as bridges, trans Papua roads, and others, is something to be proud of.

Moreover, after 20 years of history of the struggle for Papua, economy and human resources in Papua grow up, especially for women. “With so many developments in Papua, such as infrastructure, the question is whether they are ready to accept change or not. The Infrastructure development is an important prerequisite before developing human beings. Papuan women have taken part in many fields,” said Rini.

Meanwhile, a teacher of SMK Negeri 1 Tourism Jayapura, Mathilda Pattiselanno conveyed her feelings of pride. For her, Papuan women are increasingly getting a place to work and are not inferior to other members of the community.

“Papuan women have occupied many important positions in various organizations or agencies,” said Mathilda.

In her opinion,  Papuan women have a strategic role in all sectors in Papua. He added that Papuan women are important assets for Papua’s development.

Indeed, Papuan women can give color to Papua, empowerment and development. “Papuan women work based on their hearts or fear to God. So when a woman becomes a leader, in her leadership style, she puts herself as a mother. So, no subordinates there. What exists is to treat others  like her child. They are very happy at school. In the future, Papuan women are more advanced in building Papua,” she said.

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