The Role of Papuan Journalists Is Expected to Be the Adhesive and Unifying of the Nation – The first day, Monday (26/9), the activity began with the first visit of Papuan journalists to the Office of the Ministry of Communication and Information of the Republic of Indonesia. At the Office of the Ministry of Communication and Information of the Republic of Indonesia, these Papuan journalists were welcomed by the Director General (Directorate General) of Information and Public Communication, Ministry of Communications and Informatics, Usman Kansong.

  A Director of Political, Legal and Security Information and Communication, Drs. Bambang Gunawan, M.Sc. and a Director General of the Ministry of Information and Technology of the Republic of Indonesia Usman Kansong expressed his appreciation to Papuan journalists who had taken time to participate in activities with the Indonesian Communications and Information Technology in Jakarta.

  According to Usman Kansong, this activity is to improve the quality of Papuan journalists in producing and disseminating information related to either national or local issues in Papua. Ministry of Communication and Information.

  Usman Kansong also revealed that efforts to improve the quality of Papuan journalists should be a shared responsibility between the central and regional governments. So that through the presidential instruction (Inpres) No. 09 of 2020 concerning the acceleration of welfare development in the provinces of Papua and West Papua, one of the steps initiated to increase the acceleration of development in Papua is to improve the quality of journalists. It is because the role of the media in providing information related to the acceleration of development in the regions and the center is very important.

   The basic theme of the activity is the role of journalists as adhesive and unifying the nation. He conveyed that the basic purpose of this theme is how journalists in Papua are able to provide balanced news between social issues and the performance of the Papuan regional government.

  Besides, how can the media play a role in supporting the work program of the local government as well as to dismiss inaccurate news or information, which in the end wants to divide the nation. “We want the media to have a big role in supporting government programs, both central and regional, on accelerating development,” he said.

   He also hopes that this week’s activity will be able to have a major impact on improving the quality and competence of Papuan journalists. “I really hope that Papuan journalist friends taking part in this activity can bridge this information to other journalist friends in Papua. This is all for the sake of the integrity of the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia,” concluded Usman Kansong.

  After a brief activity, the Papuan journalists were directed to see the editorial room belonging to the RI Kominfo, beside that they also saw the recording studio belonging to the RI Kominfo. Around 12.00 WIB together with Kominfo RI Papuan journalists visited the Office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Kemenlu).

At the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, journalists were warmly welcomed by the Director of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Hartyo Harkomoyo. He expressed his appreciation for the visit of Papuan journalists at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Office and hoped that the visit would have a major impact on increasing and accelerating development in the Papua Province.

  “The role of the media is very important to maintain the integrity of a country, because without the media that provides information, the wheels of government in an area will not work well. For that I would like to express my gratitude for the visit of Papuan journalists at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs,” said Hartyo Harkomoyo.

  In addition, the activity continued with a visit to the Kompas Tower Office. com. The purpose of this visit is how these Papuan journalists get a lot of things about the media, to the extent that they are today. A delegation of Papuan journalists also visited the Antara LKBN Office.

The second day, Tuesday (27/9), Papuan journalists together with the organizing committee of activities from the Indonesian Ministry of Communication and Informatics continued their journey to the Special Region of Yogyakarta Province. The same activities included visiting the media in collaboration with Kominfo, namely the Jogja daily media, the People’s Sovereignty Newspaper (KR) and finally the National Press Monument (Monpers).

  Interestingly, at Monpers Papuan journalists are introduced to various collections of press media, one of which is the newspaper from the Cenderawasih Pos daily media which is currently the only daily media in Papua that sends proof of publication to the National Monpers. This was conveyed by Widodo Hastjaryo, a Head of the National Press Monument

  He also expressed his appreciation for the support and contribution of the Cendrawasih Pos daily media which is always active in sending proof of newspaper publications to the National Monpers. “Thank you Cepos daily media for always sending newspapers to the National Press Monument,” said Widodo Hastjaryo, Head of the National Press Monument, when receiving a visit from 10 Papuan journalists at the National Press Monument, Thursday (29/9).

   Another most interesting thing about the visit of Papuan journalists, how the Committee from the RI Komino introduced the culture, tourist attractions and culinary specialties of Jakarta and Jogja, even on the last night of the Papuan Journalists’ activities with the Committee they visited Prambanan Temple to see local cultural performances.

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